Thursday, August 28, 2008

almost on pace

5x800@3:20 was on schedule for today. after tuesday's disappointing tempo run i thought i might do this workout on the track, but then i was too lazy to drive "all" (3mi) to the track so i did it on the streets. after a 1mi+ warm-up i hit my 800s almost on pace - 3:27, 3:09, 3:16, 3:05, 3:16. it's a nice boost to (basically) hit my goals after being way off on tuesday. my right shin is a little sore and my right calf has been a little tight/achey the past couple of days but hopefully tomorrow's day off will help keep that from getting worse. any pain is the last thing i need... total of just over 4mi for the day

day off tomorrow, probably switching sat/sun and doing my longer run sat and a shorter-long run sun.


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