Sunday, August 24, 2008

nike +

ran 7 this morning with my newly acquired nike+ sportband (early bday present from mr. josh!). worked pretty good i guess although i still don't understand how the 'pace' mode works. i wanted to do the first mile slow to wake my legs up from yesterday's 10miler but it kept saying i was running an 8:25ish pace. i tried holding back more but it wouldnt give me a pace of 9:00ish ever. then when i got to 1mile my time was 9:35, clearly not in the 8's. so i guess i'll have to look into that one. after about 2 miles my legs felt a little more refreshed/awake/not dead, but my overall pace was slower than i would have liked (8:29 pace). hopefully soon i'll be able to maintain pace on these back-to-back long/longish runs. i'd love to be able to race both the half and full at goofy but i'm not so confident that my legs will be able to recover from the half in only a few short hours. guess we'll see how the training improves over the next 19 weeks.

here's the stats for today's 7 from nike-


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