Saturday, August 23, 2008

ten in the sticks

got my ten miler in with the dorman cross country team this morning out in glenn springs on part of the "palmetto trail". the part we run on is basically just this (long) gravel road that's nicely shaded and not-so-nicely hilly. i really wish the team had been as put-together back in my day - we never went on weekend long runs. anyway went out real slow for the first five (about 46min) but at least that means my second half was a little faster, finished the 10 in about 1:29 and change. felt pretty good overall minus this one awful hill with about 3 miles to go, it drained me. then the last 3/4 of a mile is up mt. kilamanjaro. also quite the energy-drainer but i conquered the hill once again. i always want to take an ice bath my longer runs, and i know i should, but today i opted to jump in the pool. the water was a little cooler than normal so i'm hoping it can kind of count. maybe i'll pick up some bags of ice next weekend...


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