Tuesday, September 30, 2008

september 2008

09/08 was my first full month of running & blogging about it. it is my inaugural month of some extreme record keeping that i will hopefully keep up for months and years to come.

total mileage: 180.07
time spent running: 26:19:32
days off: 3
days of yoga: 4 (pathetic)
abs: 1850
avg resting hr: 55
avg max hr: 184

need to breathe

been having some troubles breathing for the past few runs. haven't resorted to the ol' inhaler again but may have to purchase a non-expired one just in case. hopefully it's just seasonal changes and will pass soon.

ran in the dark early morning as usual today and decided i wasn't even going to bother trying to read my splits at every mile. since it was a regular tempo tuesday i decided i'd do 20min warmup, 30min tempo, and then cooldown for however long it took to finish out the 7miles planned for today. my warmup was freakin slow, like 10min miles, boo. but i got in 4miles during the 'tempo' period which i figure is alright.

20min warmup ~2miles, 145 avg hr
30min tempo (31:51) ~4miles, 177 avg hr
10min cooldown (9:46) ~1mile, 172 avg hr

legs still heavy, run still feels slow, need to get out of the funk asap.

am run: 7miles, 1:01:38 (8:48 avg pace), avg/max hr (166/189)

Monday, September 29, 2008

crappy run


easy run tonight although it didn't feel easy. stomach was feeling bad the whole time and i wanted to throw up, but i shuffled along. got about 1.3 miles into it and knew i needed to turn back immediately and find a restroom. just barely made it back to the house to take care of some business. trust me i am refraining from going tmi. afterwards, still feeling bad/throw up mode but i didn't want to skip a run, especially my short and easy monday run, so i headed back out.

not sure if it was a crappy run because of my stomach and my legs still being tired from all the carpet/staple-pulling or what. i hope that's the case though because it was a pretty darn crappy run and i feel i've had enough of those for the past couple of days. need to get my rhythm back. i couldn't even keep my hr consistent through the miles. uggh.

[mile - pace, avg hr]
mile 1 - 9:07, 143
mile 2 - 9:26, 138 *hit the split a little late here
mile 3 - 9:16, 151
mile 4 - 9:16, 154
mile 5 - 9:17, 157
mile 5.16 - 1:32, 159

suck. suck. suck. here's hoping tomorrow's run goes better. it's supposed to be a tempo run but i'm gonna see how i feel after a couple warm up miles and take it easy if my stomach/legs are still feeling off.

pm run: 5.1 miles, 47:55 (9:16 avg pace), avg/max hr (149/184)

bmw race photos

2008 bmw 2-mile classic

j containing his excitement before the race

start of the race
(j is on the left)

me finishing

j finishing

looking dorky and accepting my 3rd overall female award

Sunday, September 28, 2008

goofy training week 3

recap of training week 3 (9/22-9/28):
[day - mileage, time, avg hr]
mon - 4.3 easy, 40:27, 144
tue - 6.5 (3x1mile), 55:58, 155
wed - 7.5 easy, 1:09:38, 150
thu - 7 (6x800), 57:25, 160
fri - off
sat - 6 tempo, 48:57, 162
sun - 9.6, 1:29:19, 156

mileage total - 40.40
hopefully won't be seeing weekly mileage this low again until late december!

for a cutback week, saturday and sunday's runs were nowhere near easy feeling. i'm hoping it was just extra tiredness from working the race for the cure and helping out on j's house.

shuffling along

even after 10 hours of sleep last night i still woke up exhausted. i'm sore all over from pulling up old carpet and a billion and half staples at j's house all afternoon yesterday.

nevertheless, went out for my 9 mile run a little before 8am. it was a miserable and slow 9-miles, but j biked along to keep me company. i was tired and it felt slow, but i made it.

[mile - split, avg hr]
mile 1 - 9:07, 137
mile 2 - 9:04, 162
mile 3.1 - 10:26, 159
mile 4 - 8:24, 158
mile 5 - 9:00, 153
mile 6 - 9:19, 154
mile 7 - 8:54, 158
mile 8 - 9:22, 160
mile 9 - 9:27, 159
mile 9.66 -6:11, 162

i'm super exhausted and sore. time to rest up a little before possibly reporting in for another house reno shift.

am run: 9.6 miles, 1:29:19 (9:14 avg pace), avg/max hr (156/176)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

i shoulda ran at 3:30 in the morning

but instead i chose to run at 11:30.

today was race for the cure and as a committee member having to report on site by 5am, my choices to get my run in were either at 3:30am or after the race. my afternoon is full of tearing out old flooring in the house j just bought so i had to squeeze my run in between the race and demo duty. well a tempo run just isn't the best idea after about 5 hours of sleep and running around on your feet for 6 hours, but i sorta made it.

the tempo miles were hard and i could definitely feel them today. never settled into a comfortable cruising pace but i think it's probably from my legs being tired already and my lack of sleep. i was supposed to do 6miles at marathon pace/174-184 hr, but i ended up doing 1mile easy, 2miles tempo, 1mile easy, 2 miles tempo. i figure at least i pushed myself for a couple miles, especially when i'm already so tired.

at least this was a lighter week and today's shorter-"long" run was only 6 miles.

[mile - pace, avg hr]
mile 1 - 9:14, 138
mile 2 - 7:30, 142 *hrm was acting up, i looked down at one point and it said "45", yeah right
mile 3 - 7:52, 176
mile 4 - 8:46, 165
mile 5 - 7:45, 176
mile 6 - 7:38, 180

so my tempo-miles were all over the place but i'm just glad they were all sub-8. i felt slow. not sure how i pulled out a 7:38 for the last mile.

time to stretch and get off my feet, at least for a few minutes anyway.

am run (technically): 6mi, 48:57 (8:09 avg pace), avg/max hr (162/189)

Friday, September 26, 2008


in order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort.

-jesse owens

Thursday, September 25, 2008

i shoulda ran in the morning

the winds were out in full force this evening, 17-23mph. not exactly favorable for 800 repeats around the wide-open track. i swear the wind was gusting into me for 3/4 of each lap. seriously.

in addition to the gale-force winds, the track hogs were out walking their laps, taking up as many lanes as possible. seriously. there was one group of 4 fatties taking up lanes 1-5 (while drinking sodas i might add). thanks for not moving over. there was another pair of ladies walking in lanes 1-3 but occasionally they moved over out of lane 1. i always thought it was common sense for walkers to use the outer lanes if runners were present.... the extra steps certainly wouldn't kill the people that were out tonight.

at any rate i survived my 6x800's, and managed to run them pretty darn close to pace (3:20) even though i had to fight the winds and extend each lap 100m or so to maneuver around the walkers. i didn't feel as fluid as i did on tuesday's mile repeats, and i didn't really loosen up until the 3rd set.
  1. 3:23, 164 avg hr
  2. 3:20, 173
  3. 3:19, 176
  4. 3:22, 177
  5. 3:17, 180
  6. 3:19, 180
not too shabby of a turn out though. glad i pushed myself out the door to get this run in. after 12 days of running (covering almost 82 miles) and no rest, i'm sure my legs are looking forward to a day off tomorrow. they've been nice enough to hold it together for me this week.

pm run: 7miles (2mi warm, 6x800 w/ 400 jogs, 0.75cool), 57:20 (8:11 avg pace), avg/max hr (160/190)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


dog-sitting for a few days so i took buddy along for my 7-miler this morning. no, he doesn't normally run, but i figured a good hour-long run would tire him out for the day. he lapped up a full bowl of water when we got back and then slowly lowered his hind legs down to rest. he's sore and tired, but he made it.

7.5 easy miles this morning (for me anyway, buddy - not so sure). did a fairly decent job of holding my heartrate down (140-150 range), even though i had to constantly pull on the leash to curb buddy's nosiness/desire to mark his territory.

all my mile splits are off because i couldn't exactly read my nike+, but here's a rough breakdown:
mile 1 - 10:44, 141 *stopped to let buddy do his business
mile 2 - 7:54, 148 *pretty sure i hit the split about .10 early
mile 3 - 9:32, 148
mile 4 - 9:01, 150
mile 5 - 9:09, 156
mile 6 - 8:46, 152 *chased by a large dog
mile 7 - 10:08, 158 *had to wait on traffic
mile 7.5 - 4:17, 159

am run: 7.5 miles, 1:09:38 (9:17 avg pace), avg/max hr (150/167)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

long day

just not mileage wise. after the xc meet tonight, i hit the track with jess for some 1-mile repeats. 5x1-mile were on the schedule but only got in 3 before the sun was completely down. total of 6.5 miles for the day (supposed to have been 8...) so i'll have to tack on 2 miles elsewhere to meet my mileage for the week, but no big deal.

the repeats were all over the place but had to adjust some after taking the first one way too fast. felt good though, never tired or breathing heavy, so i'll take it.

the breakdown:
[mile - pace, avg hr]
miles 1 & 2 (warm up) - 18:11, 138
miles 3 & 4 - 13:59, 171 *hit pause instead of split after the first repeat, but these were about 6:34 / 7:20
mile 5 - 7:07, 174
mile 6 (cool down) - 11:02, 152

too tired to post much else tonight. the remaining 0.5miles were the recovery 400s jogged after mile 3 and 4.

pm run: 6.5 miles, 55:58 (8:36 avg pace), avg/max hr (155/188)

Monday, September 22, 2008

dog poo

easy-paced 4 miles this morning, in the dark so my splits weren't exactly at each mile but close enough.

nothing spectacular about the run really. didn't hurt, wasn't fast (wasn't supposed to be), nothing special to report on. except for maybe the poop i stepped in between miles 2 and 3. i'm just minding my own business running in the road and squish - right shoe landed in some soft dog poo. so that was gross, trying to scrape it out of the grooves of my shoe was delicious as well afterwards. i did, however, do a great job of keeping my hr lower / forcing myself to run slower.

the breakdown:
[mile - pace, avg hr]
mile 1 - 9:34, 134
mile 2 - 9:54, 147
mile 3 - 9:00, 146
mile 4.3 - 12:00, 149

in other news, my time from the bmw 2-mile race (12:32) indicates an equivalent performance time of 3:18:21 for a marathon. (just 5-min shy my 3:15 (team qualifying) goal)

am run: 4.3 miles, 40:27 (9:24 avg pace), avg/max hr (144/182)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

goofy training week 2

recap of training week 2:
[day - mileage, time, avg hr]
mon - 4.39mi easy, 39:53, 155
tue - 6.48mi easy, 1:02:10, 150
wed - 8.51mi easy, 1:14:12, 159
thu - 6.21mi easy, 55:17, 155
fri - BMW Classic 2-mile race, 12:32, 187
sat - 9mi easy (last 2 near pace), 1:18:35, 154
sun - 11mi easy (miles 7-9 tempo), 1:37:33, 162

mileage total - 47.38miles (*new weekly mileage "pr")

first full week training with my new hrm. still have some details to figure out but it's helped me hold back and make easy days actual easy days. had some issues determining my max heart rate and respective training zones, but for now i'm going to use my max hr (201) from the 2-mile race.

i only got in 1 day of yoga this week, only did pushups once (3x15), and did abs twice. while the mileage is great, i still need to work on my other exercise goals. next week is a cutback week (39 miles or so) as i've been pushing my legs hard for the past 6 weeks.

exhausting eleven

longer-long run of the week this morning, 11 miles.

11 miles of loud barking dogs, annoying yipping dogs, and large dogs chasing after me. ok so maybe that was only for 3-4 miles of the run but still... gonna need to find a new 11-mile route. j was super sweet and rode his bike along with me to provide support, water and security from the enormous dog mishap.

great weather (60 degrees) with a breeze at times. after friday's race and yesterday's 9, i decided to take the first "few" miles easy and then pick it up for a couple tempo miles. i ended up running the first 6 miles easy, ran miles 7-9 at tempo pace, and then finished the last 2 miles easy. overall it wasn't a bad effort and i was pleased with the 3 miles at tempo pace although i would have liked to have 5-6 miles at tempo.

the breakdown:
[miles - pace, avg hr]
miles 1 & 2 - 20:17, 151
mile 3 - 10:03, 155
mile 4 - 9:24, 153
mile 5 - 9:01, 161 *the dog mishap mile
mile 6 - 9:06, 163
mile 7 - 7:46, 166
mile 8 - 7:22, 177
mile 9 - 7:47, 182 *another lovely uphill
mile 10 - 8:51, 175
mile 11 - 8:02, 157

i'm thrilled about miles 7-9 being on tempo pace in the middle of this long run, especially since they were miles 43-45 for the week. i can tell my legs are tired after a long week with no rest day, but hopefully they'll hold up until the next one rolls around.

am run: 11miles, 1:37:33 (8:52 avg pace), avg/max hr (162/190)

dear redneck #2

to whom it may concern living on cliffside drive,

i noticed you own a rather large dog with a rather loud bark. luckily i did not notice his bite as i was able to get away quickly. while you may not live near the city, you are not exactly that far out in the sticks either. i would suggest teaching your enormous dog to not chase after runners and/or bicyclists passing by your house. i am sure such exercising persons would appreciate the gesture, and especially not being chased by a gorilla-sized dog.

tired from sprinting away from your dog

Saturday, September 20, 2008

feel good nine

i'm still on a high from last night's race performance. ran my shorter-long-run of the weekend, 9 miles, this morning with the dorman xc team again out in the sticks. the trail out there is great! ran it easy, it felt easy, nothing hurt, and was even able to pick up the pace for the last 2 miles. i could tell that it was much easier for me compared to the first time we ran out there. i'm sure the fact that it was 20 degrees cooler this morning helped some, but my legs and lungs were feeling much better today. it was an especially good run considering i got maybe 3-4 hours of sleep last night. just couldn't seem to fall asleep...

the breakdown:
[mile - pace, avg hr]
mile 1 - 9:41, 146
miles 2 & 3 - 17:50, 142 (forgot to hit the split at 2-mi)
mile 4 - 8:34, 151
mile 5 - 9:00, 151
mile 6 - 8:14, 153
mile 7 - 8:56, 169 *huge uphill in here
mile 8 - 8:08, 164
mile 9 - 8:09, 167 *long, steep hill to finish

am run: 9miles, 1:18:35 (8:43 avg pace), hr avg/max (154/184)

based off my max hr of 201, my 75% easy zone is 150. i did a better job of holding around that for the first half of the run, but still need to work on it. at least i don't think i am that out of shape anymore.

Friday, September 19, 2008

bmw 2-mile classic race

2-mile race at the bmw speed track tonight for the corporate shield. i ran this race last year after some non-consistent training in 13:41 (1st place age group, 12th overall female).

this year i put on.

official results aren't posted yet but i ran 12:30 according to my hrm! 3rd place overall female!! i was/am way excited. :o)

josh also ran the race tonight - his first! i am so proud of him. he ran a 15:40 which is awesome! his goal was to run a sub-17 with an ultimate goal of 16:00 and he killed it. :o) you did so great!

i started out fast and tailed another girl but realized quickly that she was just going to be faster than me so i pulled back. got passed shortly after by a skirt and knew i wouldn't be able to hang with her either. (hopefully the results won't tell me otherwise or else i'll be mad for not pushing it more!) anyway so then i was thinking to myself, there are only *two* girls in front of me, i am in 3rd place! (i've never placed top 3 overall in a race before) i was hopeful.

from about a 1/2-mile into the race until the final 1/4-mile my thoughts were "holy crap i'm in 3rd place. i think i'm in 3rd, did i miss a girl? i think i'm in 3rd! what if i get passed after holding 3rd place this whole time? that would suck! i'm in 3rd place, i've got to push it. i have to hold my spot! i'm gonna get an overall award!" and then as i hit the home stretch... "i'm still in 3rd! i'm a little tired from running so hard but i'm in 3rd - i'm almost there just make it don't get passed!" ...and then obviously i didn't get passed. as i crossed the finish i looked back and there was a pack of 6 guys or so, but no girls. :o)

[miles - pace, avg hr]
mile 1 - 6:08, 179
mile 2 - 6:22, 193 *i really wish i would've pushed it more and not had such a slow 2nd mile :(

oh well i still got 3rd!

my max hr during the race was 201, so i am going to base my training run hr zones off that instead of the 191 (and corresponding zones) i calculated previously from a formula. it'll give me a little more leeway in my 65-75% easy pace zone and hopefully i'll have more success actually staying in that zone.

no day off this week obviously, hope my legs can hold up through these next 40 or so miles until next friday.

invest in this

running is a great investment. your principal is low. your rate of return is enormous, and it keeps growing every year. and there are no hidden charges, unless you count an occaisional blister.

-florence griffith joyner & jon hanc

Thursday, September 18, 2008

awesome run

...weather wise. beautiful little evening run in the upper 70s, light breeze, and low humidity. all day i thought i was going to regret not dragging myself out of bed at 5am when it was in the low 60s, but it turned out to be a very nice post-work run.

due to tomorrow's 2-mile race, i opted for an easy 6-mile run today instead of my usual 800s. i had another 2.5 miles of repeats on the schedule, and i figure an all-out 2-mile race is an equal substitute.

tonight's run took me over three creeks, gave my legs a break on soft grass, and when the cars wouldn't move over, made me run in waist-high grass weeds. i also ran past a cow farm and mooed at the cows, but they weren't polite enough to moo back.

i remembered to hit my splits at (roughly) each mile today, which is an accomplishment in and of itself. although in my own defense, it's hard to read my nike+ at 5am when there is no light source since the designers were dipsticks and didn't think to put a little green light like every other running watch/computer has... anyway i really remembered at about each 1.1-1.2 miles by i figured at least i was being fairly consistent. it was still hard to keep my hr in the lower-150s but i felt comfortable the whole time, and i noticed myself taking fewer, deeper breaths more naturally throughout the run.

the breakdown:
[miles - pace, avg hr]
mile 1ish - 9:00, 143
mile 2ish - 8:53, 151
mile 3ish - 9:40, 157 *this mile was pretty much all uphill
mile 4ish - 8:58, 157
mile 5ish - 8:27, 160
mile 6ish - 9:10, 159

i did pretty good for the first 4 miles, and i don't really know what to say about the last 2. i didn't feel like i was pushing it any harder, but maybe i was tired from all the hills. or, i'm just still out of shape. i'm willing to bet it's that.

in goofy-training news, i am 130miles into my 917mile+/- training plan! now if i can just keep it up for 16 more weeks...

pm run:
6.21miles, 55:16 (8:53 mile)

dear redneck

to the driver of the redneck pickup truck,

in the future, please refrain from being a dipstick and honking at any person's running on the sidewalk. what is the point. are you jealous because you are a fat ass and don't have as nice legs as me? it's not my fault you are too busy eating your potato chips and drinking a case of natural light while catching up on your family news on the latest episode of cops. do not honk at me, or any other human being out getting some exercise.

girl who really hates idiots who honk at runners

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

my relationship with running

i began running in 1999 on the high school cross country team. i ran two seasons in the top 7, typically running between 22s and 24s, and then became lazy, in all aspects, my senior year. i went off to college in the fall of 2002 and walked-on to the women's rowing team. we had numerous time trials throughout the season, and my 5k times were a little better than they had been in high school. after a year of rowing (and some less than stellar grades) i walked-off in order to have more time for school and myself.

sophomore year of college ('03-'04) i started running a few times a week with one of my roommates, jaime. we never knew how far we were going, and rarely timed ourselves, but we would get up and run for about 30 minutes before classes or during an afternoon break. sometime in the summer of 2005, i began to pick up my running, and decided to run a local 10k. i "trained" for the 10k with a number of quick, 2-5 mile runs and a couple of random 6-9 mile runs. i'm still not sure how i went out and ran 8 or 9 miles with my regular training runs of only 2-3 miles... anyway true-to-form i get to the race thinking "i got this, i'll run 8min miles or better no problem" (three years later i still can't set realistic goals.) i finished the 10k in 51:05, and though i was a little disappointed in my time, i was elated from having finished my first race since high school xc. continuing with my high hopes, i stuck around for the awards ceremony and (somehow) won first place for my age group! i was, of course, very excited at the time, but now that i have more experience i realize a 51' 10k is just not going to cut it.

excited and back in love with running, i decided to jump right into a marathon. (still not sure why) i signed up for the 2006 myrtle beach marathon and haven't looked back. i've raced numerous 5k's, 10'ks, half-marathons, marathons, and a few less-popular distances (2mi, 8k). i've been lucky to pr at each race almost every time, almost. the few times i did not pr i was only off by a few seconds.

since i began logging my mileage/runs in march of 2005, i've ran over 3600miles, almost the distance from charleston, sc to juneau, ak. twice i quit recording my runs thinking i didn't need or want to anymore - now of course, i wish i hadn't.

like most people, i run to stay fit and lose/maintain weight. i run so i don't feel as guilty about eating a pack of m&m's or a big plate of spaghetti. however, i also run because i love it. after a couple of days without a run, i'm a guaranteed grumpster. running keeps me sane, helps me pound away the things that stress me, and challenges me daily. when i run, i am free - the problems i struggle with everyday are pushed aside for an hour or so, and i am just a runner. while i may dread getting out of my nice warm bed at 5am or sooner, i love the feeling i get after a good run and knowing i won't have to worry about finding time to get mileage in later in the day. i enjoy thinking about how much i can accomplish before the average person wakes up to start their day. running is a part of who i am. it wears me out and makes me stronger; it brings me disappointment and it gives me victories.

i hope my passion for running is infectious to others so they can maintain great physical fitness and find their own love for running. i would love to somehow work in the "field" of running, but i haven't quite figured out how or what yet. until then, i'll just keep running along.

just another eight

8 miles this morning in (the rain) 1:14:12 (8:42/pace). heartrate as usual reminded me that i am out of shape and hung out in the 150s-160s with a few jumps to 200. pathetic.

i felt alright the whole time, with the exception of some of the hills. legs got a little heavier with about 2 miles left to go but they weren't slowing me down. my hrm started beeping everytime i creeped up into 167+ and i really concentrated on taking deeper breaths like the elites do. it worked most of the time in getting my hr to fall back down so the monitor would quit beeping.

i did however stretch afterwards, and even did some abs and pushups. small victories.

i'm not sure if this is a lame excuse or not but i'm thinking i will probably do an easy run tomorrow instead of my usual 800s. i obviously want to do well at friday's 2mi race (last year i ran a 13:41) and i figure that can substitute my regularly scheduled 800 repeats.

am run: 8.5mi, 1:14:12, avg/max - 159/204

dear weather.com

to whom it may concern:

when there is precipitation falling from the sky, most people call that 'rain', not 'cloudy'. thank you for letting me head out for my morning 8-mile run thinking it was cloudy and cool, only to find out it was going to rain on me for 1 hour and 14 minutes. i know you are rarely ever accurate in the first place, but i would think you could broadcast the difference between clouds and rain.

soaking wet me

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

excuses excuses

did not want to get out of bed this morning.

but i did.

6.48 easy-paced miles before the downpour began. (why couldn't it rain at 5am? that would have been a great excuse to sleep in...)

i've still been feeling tired and having this weird light-headed/dizziness for a couple of days, plus i wanted to try out my 'easy pace' heart rate again, so i took it easy today instead of doing a tempo run. (besides, shouldn't i taper for friday's 2-mi race?) ;-) for the first mile/mile and a half i felt better about myself. i didn't feel like i was crawling along to keep my hr around mid-140s (target hr for easy runs). that didn't last too long. the rest of the run i struggled to keep it in the lower-150s. i don't know if the route was too hilly or what, but i even had to walk some of the uphills to keep my hr from skyrocketing into the 160s. (hey i'll take an excuse to walk though). i did feel a little slack/guilty for walking, but justified it since i'm trying to do some base hr training.

still did not stretch out after the run... i suck at that incredibly. somebody needs to give me a kick in the rear to get me going.

i stupidly forgot to register for the st. jude marathon (12/6) yesterday and now it'll cost me $80. this could be a good thing though, as i am now considering the atlanta marathon (thanksgiving day) instead. closer, cheaper, and would enable me to eat multiple guilt-free thanksgiving dinners... hmmmmm.

am run: 6.48mi, 1:02:10, hr 150/181 (avg/max)

Monday, September 15, 2008

out of shape

ran a little over 4mi this morning with my new hrm. mondays are easy/recovery days, so i was aiming to keep my heart rate in the mid/low 150s - what i thought should be about 70-75% for me. it kept wanting to creep up to 160ish. i tried pulling back and slowing down but i felt like i was crawling and i hate to see a bad avg pace when i finish a run. however, due to my extremely tired and heavy legs it wasn't too hard to not-push it.

i ran 4.3mi in 39:53, about a 9:05 pace which is fine (perfect actually) for a recovery day. it made me feel extremely out of shape though since my hr was in the 150s and i was only running 9min miles. maybe i still have some more 'figuring out' to do on my hrm...

also biked the 11.4mi roundtrip commute to work today, slowly. absolutely no motivation to do that today, but i made it. i think the only reason i biked home was so i wouldn't have to spend the night at work.

per the max heartrate formula (208-.7 x your age) these are the hr's i should aim for:
easy/recovery (65-75%): 124-143
tempo (87-92%): 166-175
intervals (95%-100%): 181-191
so we'll see how that goes in coming the weeks. i'm contemplating changing tomorrow's 'tempo' run to another easy run to learn some more about my easy pace and the hrm....

Sunday, September 14, 2008

goofy training week 1

mon - 4.56mi easy, 36:00
tue - 8mi 'tempo', 1:06:34
wed - 7mi easy, 1:01:22
thu - 3.5mi warm/cool 34:49, 5x800@3:32, 3:13, 3:20, 3:11, 3:19
fri - rest, 42min yoga, planks, abs
sat - 7mi pace, 56:08
sun - 9mi 'easy', 1:19:47

mileage total -41.56

legs felt good all week except for sunday (which was also the enormous mountain hills day). need to push tuesday tempo runs more. really need to be more consistent with ab work... one week down, 17 to go.

birthday ten... i mean nine

went to asheville this weekend and got to do my 'long' run along vanderbilt road/biltmore farms country club. ten miles were on schedule but i didn't really know where i was going and ended up back at the hotel at 9 miles. my legs were d-e-a-d tired so i decided 9 was good enough. (i still hit my goal mileage for the week anyway). awesome josh road his bike alongside me so i wouldn't be alone and had plenty of water if i needed it.

it was a gorgeous run on a nice shaded road that was basically uphill for the first 6 miles. i was supposed to be running a 9:17 easy pace but i ended up with an 8:46avg mile pace... where that came from i don't know. my legs were tired from yesterday's 7 and the hills (/mountains) were definitely wearing them out some more. probably should have held back the pace. elevation varied from 2100-2400ft, which is more than the 950ft i'm used to but i'm not sure how big of an impact it actually had.

i got a heartrate monitor for my bday (thank you josh) and tried it out on todays run. apparently i didn't have it on the right setting/view because the whole time i thought my heartrate was only 87ish. (i think that contributed to my faster pace because i was trying to push it to get my heartrate up) turns out the 80-range numbers i was seeing were my heartrate percentage, so i definitely should have pulled back.

am run: 9mi, 1:19:47

Saturday, September 13, 2008

hard seven

quick 7mi this morning in 56:08. used the first mile as a warm-up in 8:53, which puts me at a 7:52 avg pace for the remaining 6miles. goal pace for today was 8:00/mile so, for once, i made it!

woke up with a minor headache after a not-so-great night's sleep. seemed like just as i was finally drifting off to sleep my alarm went off. :( i still managed to force myself up and out the door. the run felt good and like i was pushing myself most of the time. by the time i hit 4miles i was about tired of the hills though.

time to stretch out so i can survive tomorrow's 10.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Thursday, September 11, 2008

drizzly run

i almost let the barely sprinkling/drizzling rain talk me out of running this morning. and it was some seriously light rain. luckily i "toughed" it out - would have been a pathetic excuse.

5:00am - 2mi warm up, 5x800, 1.5mi cool down; total run time 50:24

i realized i forgot my stopwatch as i was nearing the end of my warmup so after rep 1 i stopped by the house to pick it up. i don't have the brain power at 5am (or ever?) to do the math myself.

i did a little better at keeping the 800s closer to my goal pace of 3:20, but as always there is still room for improvement. today my times were 3:32, 3:13, 3:20, 3:11, 3:19. this week and last week i had a headwind in reps 1, 3 & 5 but it hasn't been anything debilitating. i'm consistently faster on reps 2 and 4, which also feel easier as i'm doing them, but i'm not exactly sure why.

i started to do my usual yoga workout after but kept being distracted by the mess of clothes around the house. i decided i'll try to get to yoga (and abs and pushups...) after work and tidy up a bit before going to work to relieve a little of my messy-home stress.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

running resume

current pr's

  • 2-mile - 12:32 / 6:16 (bmw, sept '08)

  • 5k - 21:07 / 6:48 (earth day, apr '09)

  • 4-mile trail - 41:59 / 10:30 (running wild, nov '09)

  • 8k - 35:51 / 7:12 (sunrise, june '08)

  • 10k - 45:15 / 7:16 (first 10k of the disney half, jan '09)

  • 10-mile - 1:13:20 / 7:20 (green valley, feb '10)

  • 20k - 1:55:57 / 9:18 (paris mountain, dec '08)

  • half-marathon - 1:34:13 / 7:11 (disney, jan '09)

  • marathon - 3:33:02 / 8:08 (nyc, nov '09)

  • 2010

  • Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon (04/24/10) - 3:59:14

  • Boston Marathon (04/19/10) - 4:14:52

  • Green Valley 10-Mile (02/20/10) - 1:13:20, 1st place AG, 11th place Overall>

  • 2009

  • Running Wild 4-Mile Trail Race (11/07/09) - 41:59, 4th place Overall

  • ING NYC Marathon (11/01/09) - 3:33:02

  • Salvation Army Horsey 5k (10/03/09) - 21:36, 1st place Overall

  • Virginia Beach Rock 'n Roll Half-Marathon (09/06/09) - 1:36:29

  • Earth Day 5k (04/25/09) - 21:07, 1st place Overall

  • Walt Disney World Marathon (01/11/09) - 4:04:26

  • Walt Disney World Half-Marathon (01/10/09) - 1:34:13, 5th place AG, 30th place Overall

  • 2008

  • Paris Mountain 20k Road Race (12/13/08) - 1:55:57, 3rd place AG, 37th place Overall

  • Atlanta Marathon (11/27/08) - 3:39:24, 5th place AG, 20th place Overall

  • Spinx Half Marathon (10/25/08) - 1:41:49, 3rd place AG, 24th place Overall

  • Furman 5k (10/11/08) - 21:35, 2nd place AG, 7th place Overall

  • BMW Classic 2-miler (09/19/08) - 12:32, 3rd place Overall

  • Sunrise 8K (06/14/08) - 35:31, 4th place AG

  • Reedy River Run 10K (03/01/08) - 46:17, 2nd place AG

  • Hilton Head Island Half Marathon (02/09/08) - 1:40:51, 1st place AG, 6th place Overall

  • Run Downtown 5K (01/26/08) - 21:27, 2nd place AG

  • 2007

  • Charlotte International Airport 5K (11/10/07) - 21:38, 1st place AG

  • Chicago Marathon (10/07/07) - 4:46:31 (heat wave fiasco/cancelled)

  • BMW Classic 2-mile (09/21/07) - 13:41, 1st place AG; 1st place Female Open Team

  • Sunburst Marathon (06/02/07) - 3:56:17

  • Charlotte Race Fest Half-Marathon (04/14/07) - 1:40:54

  • Reedy River Run 10K (03/03/07) - 46:12, 1st place AG

  • Get Your Rear 'N Gear Half-Marathon (01/06/07) - 2:00:24

  • 2006

  • Dan Davis Memorial Turkey Trot 5K (11/18/06) - 22:34, 3rd place AG

  • Baltimore Under Armor Marathon (10/14/06) - 4:01:07

  • Cooper River Bridge Run 10K (04/01/06) - 46:59, Top 5% AG

  • Myrtle Beach Marathon (02/18/06) - 4:03:26

  • 2005

  • Oktoberfest 10K (10/22/05) - 47:49, 2nd place AG

  • Midnight Flight 10K (09/02/05) - 51:05, 1st place AG (my re-introduction to running)

  • 1999-2000 - High School Cross Country, consistently in Top 7

  • Dual Meet vs. Spartanburg High ('00) - 25:02, #5 runner

  • State Championships ('99) - 23:05, #5 runner

  • Coaches Classic 5K ('99) - 23:15, #5 runner
  • outrunning the big green blob

    7 miles easy this morning in 1hr1min, worried about the big green/yellow/red blob on the weather radar that never shifted north. today was an easy/recovery pace run but i decided to push it up the "hills" for a little extra effort. (the neighborhood i ran in doesn't really have any significant hills, so it was a pretty easy effort to make)

    feels good to get in some decent midweek mileage again.

    Tuesday, September 9, 2008

    roller coaster eight

    got in a quick (feeling) 8miles this morning out in greer/wade hampton with kt who was back in town for a day. wade hampton road is really lovely with enormous uphills and short and barely-a-downslope downhills for miles. you really got to love it.

    felt like i was pushing the pace pretty good the whole time, but i know at points i slowed down because i thought kt was having a harder time. (she lives in charleston/near the beach and has 0 hills to run on). clocked the 8 miles at 1:06 (8:19 pace) which is way off of the 7:41 i wanted to run (or really anything sub-8 since all my tempo runs suck), but i'm trying to be content with knowing i pushed the pace on the hills / most of the time.

    after sitting in glorious corporate america all day my lower back started to get a little sore and my legs a little achey. i just love work... if anyone wants to pay me to run i will be more than happy to take you up on it.

    am run: 8 miles in 1:06:34

    Monday, September 8, 2008

    training, day 1

    today was the official start to my training for the 2009 goofy challenge!

    to kick things off with a real bang, i didn't head out on my run until almost 6am this morning and it was still pitch black dark. (normally i'm out running just after 5am, i'm already a slacker) there wasn't even an inkling of sunlight coming up for the first 2 miles of my run. i already miss the mornings where the sun is starting to come up and provide a bit of light around 5:30am. i am kind of looking forward to running in sub-75 degree temperatures and perhaps maybe the humidity will drop below 80% for once.

    monday's are scheduled to be my recovery days from my weekend long runs. for now they've all been easy and i am itching to up the mileage but i know in a few weeks my long runs will be actual long runs. while 9-12 are technically long to me, i'm hoping that soon i'll be considering them mid-long runs and logging some serious (16-20+) long runs like a pro. we'll see...

    so i got in 4.5something according to nike+ in 36:00 (8:32 pace). once again faster than the planned 9:00 pace but whatever... it wasn't painful and i wasn't too tired so i'm hoping it won't hurt anything, but i really am trying to hold back on my easy/recover days so that i can (hopefully) hit all my paces on my tempo/speed days.

    Sunday, September 7, 2008

    easy niner

    jess and i ran out at furman today for our 9 miler. we were actually gonna run 10, but it ended up being cut short because jess was low on fuel. at about 6 miles into the run she just collapsed, and i was so scared. i didn't really know what to do and i certainly didn't want her to be hurt. thankfully she was ok, we stopped so she could rest under some shade and then walked a good bit. she was still light-headed so we took it easy. i was hoping to get in a good 'long' run but i would rather her be ok! we walked and (slowly) ran the rest back, clocking about 9.8miles in 1:38 (about a 10:00 pace). considering we walked for a while at a slow walk pace, we must have been moving along for the first 6 miles if our final average came out to 10min miles.

    i think she's ok now, i made her eat a bagel when we got back to my house and drink some propel and told her to rest and relax all afternoon.

    tomorrow is the official start to disney goofy challenge training! 18 weeks away. nervous and excited... can i run 39.3 miles in two days without dying?

    Saturday, September 6, 2008

    hit and run

    7mi 'tempo' run in rock hill, sc this morning. not sure how good i was at pacing (i'm sure it wasn't very good at all) but i made myself run hard based on how it felt the whole time. i saw an opossum get run over (very gross) and then ran by some very loud and gross/enormous sounding bugs so i sprinted extra fast for a bit while swatting my back to make sure they weren't on me. i hate bugs.

    pretty tired now as i was up and about all day for a wedding shower so today's post is just gonna suck. 'long' run tomorrow - probably out at furman with jess.

    am run: 7mi, 56:15 (8:02 pace)

    Friday, September 5, 2008

    Thursday, September 4, 2008

    another good speed day

    it was extra hard to get out of bed this morning for some reason. i kept snoozing my alarm, but eventually did get up a little before 5:30 to force myself out the door on my run.

    5x800 on the street, which is basically flat but not track/pancake flat so i'm hoping that gives me some sort of an edge since i'm doing some speedwork off the track. after a 1.8ish mile warmup i knocked out my 800s in 3:24, 3:11, 3:20, 3:06, and 3:16. so... i'm still incapable of finding the pace although i am getting closer - the first, third, and fifth 800s were near target pace (3:20).

    the fourth one felt super easy, while also being entirely way too fast for this workout. i felt a little like constantina tomescu-dita during it, even though i obviously wasn't running at her pace. it is a confidence booster though to still feel good and strong in the fourth repeat. it gives me hope for when i have to increase the reps.

    i keep feeling rushed after my morning runs and haven't been stretching like i should (or at all most days) so hopefully i will get onto myself for that. after this morning's run i got in 3 sets of 12 (real) pushups and 300 abs before hitting the shower.

    my official, 18-week training for the goofy challenge begins on monday (9/8) and i couldn't be more excited. lets just hope i don't slack off between now and january '09.

    Wednesday, September 3, 2008

    no pre-run mapping 5-miler

    went out this morning for an easy 5, and for the first time in a long time i didn't map out a route on mapmyrun beforehand. i usually measure out a run so that i can be sure to get in my mileage before getting too close back to home and therefore avoid being tempted to quit early, but this morning i just went out and turned on whichever roads i felt like turning onto. it was nice for a change, and i ended up running 5.25 (mapmyrun) or 5.5 (nike+). i logged the shorter distance because i'd rather short myself than give extra credit.

    kt and i were going to meet up out at furman again for 12 this morning but she had to head back to charleston early to prepare for the hurricane that is forecasted to hit us later this week/weekend. i held my recovery/easy pace for the 5miler but my legs were a little tired from last night's mile repeats, so it was probably for the best.

    did a 42min basic yoga workout (yoga shakti) after the run. i can tell it's starting to get easier to twist myself up into most of the 'positions' so hopefully i can move up soon to the more advanced workouts.

    am run: 5.25mi (47:32 / 9:03pace)

    Tuesday, September 2, 2008

    slacking off paid off

    woke up at 5am as usual to get my run in. have 4x1mile repeats on schedule at 7:12 pace with some warm up and cool down, and obviously i've been psyching myself out since my last run ended. i always get nervous about speed days because what if i can't hit my goal times? then i must really suck and it's like all i ever do is run 8:30-9:00mile recovery days which is not exactly ideal when you are trying to get faster and improve your endurance.

    so i get outside - it's in the upper60s and less humid then it has been and my calves aren't sore. great right? no. my legs just still felt heavy :( so before i was even a mile into my warm up i decided i would come home and get an extra hour of sleep before work. the ever supportive boyfriend has been on my case lately about overtraining and not eating enough/properly so i kind of heeded his advice. kind of.

    after spending 9 delicious hours in corporate america, i decided to head to the track and see if my legs/body felt up for some mile repeats. another warmup mile and 10 frankensteins later, i picked it up, clocking my first mile in 6:36. ok, now i'm thinking this track isn't a true quarter-mile because there's no way i just ran a 6:36mile without a lung collapsing. i am not exactly miss consistent when it comes to speedwork, and i expected it to hurt a little. i jogged a lap and decided to move from lane 1 to lane 3 for the second mile. that lane seems more accurately measured, and i ran the second mile in 6:59. big difference, i know, but i tried to hold back and run closer to my goal pace for the day of 7:12. after jogging another lap i headed into my third mile, and ended up hitting a 7:09. i could definitely feel my legs getting heavier (lactic acid anyone?) and it felt harder than the first two miles.

    for a number of reasons, i didn't run the fourth mile and jogged an 800 cool down instead.
    (reasons being:
    1. i ran over 40mi last week, just 4 weeks back into running. can we say too much too soon? i don't want to spend my entire 18 weeks of training half-injured, so i'm attempting to cut back my originally planned miles for the week. (and mr. josh is even telling me to take it easy)
    2. my lower calves didn't hurt one bit! i didn't want to overdo it in the least and cause them to start aching again.
    3. ok ok, i did kind of wimp out a little when i started to 'feel it' in the third mile)
    overall i'm satisfied with the results from today's speed day since i am always psyched out about them. a good hard workout makes me feel like i am making progress, and that maybe just maybe my goals aren't too far out of reach.

    am run: 1.5 miles, super slow pace (like 9:30 i think)
    pm run: 5miles, with 3xmile at 6:36, 6:59, 7:09

    Monday, September 1, 2008

    labor day run and ride

    4+ run this morning. legs still heavy and a little sore from the weekend runs but averaged a decent recovery pace. then went for a 21 mile bike ride around the countryside. i know i probably overdid it a little this weekend (with the 12 & 10) since i am just now building my weekly mileage up to 40, but hoping the legs are recovered for tomorrow's mile repeats.