Sunday, September 14, 2008

birthday ten... i mean nine

went to asheville this weekend and got to do my 'long' run along vanderbilt road/biltmore farms country club. ten miles were on schedule but i didn't really know where i was going and ended up back at the hotel at 9 miles. my legs were d-e-a-d tired so i decided 9 was good enough. (i still hit my goal mileage for the week anyway). awesome josh road his bike alongside me so i wouldn't be alone and had plenty of water if i needed it.

it was a gorgeous run on a nice shaded road that was basically uphill for the first 6 miles. i was supposed to be running a 9:17 easy pace but i ended up with an 8:46avg mile pace... where that came from i don't know. my legs were tired from yesterday's 7 and the hills (/mountains) were definitely wearing them out some more. probably should have held back the pace. elevation varied from 2100-2400ft, which is more than the 950ft i'm used to but i'm not sure how big of an impact it actually had.

i got a heartrate monitor for my bday (thank you josh) and tried it out on todays run. apparently i didn't have it on the right setting/view because the whole time i thought my heartrate was only 87ish. (i think that contributed to my faster pace because i was trying to push it to get my heartrate up) turns out the 80-range numbers i was seeing were my heartrate percentage, so i definitely should have pulled back.

am run: 9mi, 1:19:47


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