Monday, September 29, 2008

crappy run


easy run tonight although it didn't feel easy. stomach was feeling bad the whole time and i wanted to throw up, but i shuffled along. got about 1.3 miles into it and knew i needed to turn back immediately and find a restroom. just barely made it back to the house to take care of some business. trust me i am refraining from going tmi. afterwards, still feeling bad/throw up mode but i didn't want to skip a run, especially my short and easy monday run, so i headed back out.

not sure if it was a crappy run because of my stomach and my legs still being tired from all the carpet/staple-pulling or what. i hope that's the case though because it was a pretty darn crappy run and i feel i've had enough of those for the past couple of days. need to get my rhythm back. i couldn't even keep my hr consistent through the miles. uggh.

[mile - pace, avg hr]
mile 1 - 9:07, 143
mile 2 - 9:26, 138 *hit the split a little late here
mile 3 - 9:16, 151
mile 4 - 9:16, 154
mile 5 - 9:17, 157
mile 5.16 - 1:32, 159

suck. suck. suck. here's hoping tomorrow's run goes better. it's supposed to be a tempo run but i'm gonna see how i feel after a couple warm up miles and take it easy if my stomach/legs are still feeling off.

pm run: 5.1 miles, 47:55 (9:16 avg pace), avg/max hr (149/184)


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