Monday, September 22, 2008

dog poo

easy-paced 4 miles this morning, in the dark so my splits weren't exactly at each mile but close enough.

nothing spectacular about the run really. didn't hurt, wasn't fast (wasn't supposed to be), nothing special to report on. except for maybe the poop i stepped in between miles 2 and 3. i'm just minding my own business running in the road and squish - right shoe landed in some soft dog poo. so that was gross, trying to scrape it out of the grooves of my shoe was delicious as well afterwards. i did, however, do a great job of keeping my hr lower / forcing myself to run slower.

the breakdown:
[mile - pace, avg hr]
mile 1 - 9:34, 134
mile 2 - 9:54, 147
mile 3 - 9:00, 146
mile 4.3 - 12:00, 149

in other news, my time from the bmw 2-mile race (12:32) indicates an equivalent performance time of 3:18:21 for a marathon. (just 5-min shy my 3:15 (team qualifying) goal)

am run: 4.3 miles, 40:27 (9:24 avg pace), avg/max hr (144/182)


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