Thursday, September 11, 2008

drizzly run

i almost let the barely sprinkling/drizzling rain talk me out of running this morning. and it was some seriously light rain. luckily i "toughed" it out - would have been a pathetic excuse.

5:00am - 2mi warm up, 5x800, 1.5mi cool down; total run time 50:24

i realized i forgot my stopwatch as i was nearing the end of my warmup so after rep 1 i stopped by the house to pick it up. i don't have the brain power at 5am (or ever?) to do the math myself.

i did a little better at keeping the 800s closer to my goal pace of 3:20, but as always there is still room for improvement. today my times were 3:32, 3:13, 3:20, 3:11, 3:19. this week and last week i had a headwind in reps 1, 3 & 5 but it hasn't been anything debilitating. i'm consistently faster on reps 2 and 4, which also feel easier as i'm doing them, but i'm not exactly sure why.

i started to do my usual yoga workout after but kept being distracted by the mess of clothes around the house. i decided i'll try to get to yoga (and abs and pushups...) after work and tidy up a bit before going to work to relieve a little of my messy-home stress.


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