Sunday, September 7, 2008

easy niner

jess and i ran out at furman today for our 9 miler. we were actually gonna run 10, but it ended up being cut short because jess was low on fuel. at about 6 miles into the run she just collapsed, and i was so scared. i didn't really know what to do and i certainly didn't want her to be hurt. thankfully she was ok, we stopped so she could rest under some shade and then walked a good bit. she was still light-headed so we took it easy. i was hoping to get in a good 'long' run but i would rather her be ok! we walked and (slowly) ran the rest back, clocking about 9.8miles in 1:38 (about a 10:00 pace). considering we walked for a while at a slow walk pace, we must have been moving along for the first 6 miles if our final average came out to 10min miles.

i think she's ok now, i made her eat a bagel when we got back to my house and drink some propel and told her to rest and relax all afternoon.

tomorrow is the official start to disney goofy challenge training! 18 weeks away. nervous and excited... can i run 39.3 miles in two days without dying?


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