Tuesday, September 16, 2008

excuses excuses

did not want to get out of bed this morning.

but i did.

6.48 easy-paced miles before the downpour began. (why couldn't it rain at 5am? that would have been a great excuse to sleep in...)

i've still been feeling tired and having this weird light-headed/dizziness for a couple of days, plus i wanted to try out my 'easy pace' heart rate again, so i took it easy today instead of doing a tempo run. (besides, shouldn't i taper for friday's 2-mi race?) ;-) for the first mile/mile and a half i felt better about myself. i didn't feel like i was crawling along to keep my hr around mid-140s (target hr for easy runs). that didn't last too long. the rest of the run i struggled to keep it in the lower-150s. i don't know if the route was too hilly or what, but i even had to walk some of the uphills to keep my hr from skyrocketing into the 160s. (hey i'll take an excuse to walk though). i did feel a little slack/guilty for walking, but justified it since i'm trying to do some base hr training.

still did not stretch out after the run... i suck at that incredibly. somebody needs to give me a kick in the rear to get me going.

i stupidly forgot to register for the st. jude marathon (12/6) yesterday and now it'll cost me $80. this could be a good thing though, as i am now considering the atlanta marathon (thanksgiving day) instead. closer, cheaper, and would enable me to eat multiple guilt-free thanksgiving dinners... hmmmmm.

am run: 6.48mi, 1:02:10, hr 150/181 (avg/max)


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