Sunday, September 21, 2008

goofy training week 2

recap of training week 2:
[day - mileage, time, avg hr]
mon - 4.39mi easy, 39:53, 155
tue - 6.48mi easy, 1:02:10, 150
wed - 8.51mi easy, 1:14:12, 159
thu - 6.21mi easy, 55:17, 155
fri - BMW Classic 2-mile race, 12:32, 187
sat - 9mi easy (last 2 near pace), 1:18:35, 154
sun - 11mi easy (miles 7-9 tempo), 1:37:33, 162

mileage total - 47.38miles (*new weekly mileage "pr")

first full week training with my new hrm. still have some details to figure out but it's helped me hold back and make easy days actual easy days. had some issues determining my max heart rate and respective training zones, but for now i'm going to use my max hr (201) from the 2-mile race.

i only got in 1 day of yoga this week, only did pushups once (3x15), and did abs twice. while the mileage is great, i still need to work on my other exercise goals. next week is a cutback week (39 miles or so) as i've been pushing my legs hard for the past 6 weeks.


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