Thursday, September 25, 2008

i shoulda ran in the morning

the winds were out in full force this evening, 17-23mph. not exactly favorable for 800 repeats around the wide-open track. i swear the wind was gusting into me for 3/4 of each lap. seriously.

in addition to the gale-force winds, the track hogs were out walking their laps, taking up as many lanes as possible. seriously. there was one group of 4 fatties taking up lanes 1-5 (while drinking sodas i might add). thanks for not moving over. there was another pair of ladies walking in lanes 1-3 but occasionally they moved over out of lane 1. i always thought it was common sense for walkers to use the outer lanes if runners were present.... the extra steps certainly wouldn't kill the people that were out tonight.

at any rate i survived my 6x800's, and managed to run them pretty darn close to pace (3:20) even though i had to fight the winds and extend each lap 100m or so to maneuver around the walkers. i didn't feel as fluid as i did on tuesday's mile repeats, and i didn't really loosen up until the 3rd set.
  1. 3:23, 164 avg hr
  2. 3:20, 173
  3. 3:19, 176
  4. 3:22, 177
  5. 3:17, 180
  6. 3:19, 180
not too shabby of a turn out though. glad i pushed myself out the door to get this run in. after 12 days of running (covering almost 82 miles) and no rest, i'm sure my legs are looking forward to a day off tomorrow. they've been nice enough to hold it together for me this week.

pm run: 7miles (2mi warm, 6x800 w/ 400 jogs, 0.75cool), 57:20 (8:11 avg pace), avg/max hr (160/190)


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