Thursday, September 4, 2008

another good speed day

it was extra hard to get out of bed this morning for some reason. i kept snoozing my alarm, but eventually did get up a little before 5:30 to force myself out the door on my run.

5x800 on the street, which is basically flat but not track/pancake flat so i'm hoping that gives me some sort of an edge since i'm doing some speedwork off the track. after a 1.8ish mile warmup i knocked out my 800s in 3:24, 3:11, 3:20, 3:06, and 3:16. so... i'm still incapable of finding the pace although i am getting closer - the first, third, and fifth 800s were near target pace (3:20).

the fourth one felt super easy, while also being entirely way too fast for this workout. i felt a little like constantina tomescu-dita during it, even though i obviously wasn't running at her pace. it is a confidence booster though to still feel good and strong in the fourth repeat. it gives me hope for when i have to increase the reps.

i keep feeling rushed after my morning runs and haven't been stretching like i should (or at all most days) so hopefully i will get onto myself for that. after this morning's run i got in 3 sets of 12 (real) pushups and 300 abs before hitting the shower.

my official, 18-week training for the goofy challenge begins on monday (9/8) and i couldn't be more excited. lets just hope i don't slack off between now and january '09.


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