Wednesday, September 17, 2008

just another eight

8 miles this morning in (the rain) 1:14:12 (8:42/pace). heartrate as usual reminded me that i am out of shape and hung out in the 150s-160s with a few jumps to 200. pathetic.

i felt alright the whole time, with the exception of some of the hills. legs got a little heavier with about 2 miles left to go but they weren't slowing me down. my hrm started beeping everytime i creeped up into 167+ and i really concentrated on taking deeper breaths like the elites do. it worked most of the time in getting my hr to fall back down so the monitor would quit beeping.

i did however stretch afterwards, and even did some abs and pushups. small victories.

i'm not sure if this is a lame excuse or not but i'm thinking i will probably do an easy run tomorrow instead of my usual 800s. i obviously want to do well at friday's 2mi race (last year i ran a 13:41) and i figure that can substitute my regularly scheduled 800 repeats.

am run: 8.5mi, 1:14:12, avg/max - 159/204


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