Tuesday, September 30, 2008

need to breathe

been having some troubles breathing for the past few runs. haven't resorted to the ol' inhaler again but may have to purchase a non-expired one just in case. hopefully it's just seasonal changes and will pass soon.

ran in the dark early morning as usual today and decided i wasn't even going to bother trying to read my splits at every mile. since it was a regular tempo tuesday i decided i'd do 20min warmup, 30min tempo, and then cooldown for however long it took to finish out the 7miles planned for today. my warmup was freakin slow, like 10min miles, boo. but i got in 4miles during the 'tempo' period which i figure is alright.

20min warmup ~2miles, 145 avg hr
30min tempo (31:51) ~4miles, 177 avg hr
10min cooldown (9:46) ~1mile, 172 avg hr

legs still heavy, run still feels slow, need to get out of the funk asap.

am run: 7miles, 1:01:38 (8:48 avg pace), avg/max hr (166/189)


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