Monday, September 15, 2008

out of shape

ran a little over 4mi this morning with my new hrm. mondays are easy/recovery days, so i was aiming to keep my heart rate in the mid/low 150s - what i thought should be about 70-75% for me. it kept wanting to creep up to 160ish. i tried pulling back and slowing down but i felt like i was crawling and i hate to see a bad avg pace when i finish a run. however, due to my extremely tired and heavy legs it wasn't too hard to not-push it.

i ran 4.3mi in 39:53, about a 9:05 pace which is fine (perfect actually) for a recovery day. it made me feel extremely out of shape though since my hr was in the 150s and i was only running 9min miles. maybe i still have some more 'figuring out' to do on my hrm...

also biked the 11.4mi roundtrip commute to work today, slowly. absolutely no motivation to do that today, but i made it. i think the only reason i biked home was so i wouldn't have to spend the night at work.

per the max heartrate formula (208-.7 x your age) these are the hr's i should aim for:
easy/recovery (65-75%): 124-143
tempo (87-92%): 166-175
intervals (95%-100%): 181-191
so we'll see how that goes in coming the weeks. i'm contemplating changing tomorrow's 'tempo' run to another easy run to learn some more about my easy pace and the hrm....


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