Friday, October 31, 2008


the essential thing in life is not so much conquering as fighting well.

- baron de coubertin (founder of the modern olympic games)

Thursday, October 30, 2008

fairfield in photos

my lungs were actually almost back to normal today although they got a little worse in the first few miles of my run. after cleaning up papa's old apartment for most of the day, i headed out for my run around 5:00. yippi, rush hour. i didn't have any close calls, for the most part anyway. i took the camera along to take pictures of the run because it just seems more scenic than my everyday route. i was going to run back down along fairfield beach/long island sound but the sun was going down and i didn't want to be crossing back under i-95 in the dark.

mile 1 - 8:14, 158
mile 2 - 8:24, 168
mile 3 - 8:47, 169
mile 4 - 8:53, 165
mile 5 - 8:37, 167
mile 6 - 8:40, 168
mile 7 - 9:15, 169
mile 8 - 8:57, 170

since my lungs are still funky i was just running to run, and also to take pictures of course. you can tell my lungs still have room for improvement with my higher-than-necessary heartrates.

the path by fairfield university

somewhere along oldfield rd, near the sound

turning back into my aunt's neighborhood

pm run: 8 miles, 1:09:56 (8:44 avg pace), avg/max hr (167/184)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

a day of rest

talk about out of shape. i get winded getting up from the couch to grab a snack or cup of water. asthma is really acting up today (and kept me up for a good part of the night) so i am probably not going to run today. i will either try to get a run in on friday sometime or run longer tomorrow to make up for it. my lungs didn't do so well yesterday and it is cold (upper 30s) and windy (20+ mph) which probably won't help much. tomorrow it's supposed to be a little warmer and hopefully better for my lungs. they are already struggling and i am trying to take it easy for them.

so no run today, but hopefully i will have a chance to make up for it somehow later this week.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

new england weather

so yesterday here in connecticut it was a gorgeous, 60+ degree day with sunny skies and a light breeze. today it's poured rain, hung around in the low-40s, and had winds gusting up to 22mph. luckily i found a brief window where it didn't rain (for the most part). it did start sprinkling/sleeting on me with about 1.5 miles to go though, not fun. my hands warmed up in the first mile but then for whatever reason got (freezing) cold again in the 3rd mile and stayed that way.

today's run was supposed to be a tempo run. my lungs have been sucking and i've been living on my inhalers but i thought i'd try to push the pace anyway. bad idea. warmed up in the first mile and then picked it up for the second. barely pushed out an 8min/mile and i knew my lungs were not going to cooperate for any more decently-paced miles. so i pulled it back and just ran, trying to stay warm.

mile 1 - 8:44, 147
mile 2 - 7:52, 163
mile 3 - 8:45, 161
mile 4 - 8:45, 162
mile 5 - 8:57, 162
mile 6 - 9:00, 162
mile 7 - 9:32, 170 *um, enormous hill to get back to my aunt's house, enormous

the difficulty i am having breathing and the inhaler meds are really having an effect on my hr. normally a run at this pace would be in the 140s/150s. i will probably skip my 800s this thursday and just get in some easy paced mileage.

it's been nice to run in "new" territory (i've ran here before just not in a couple years). yesterday soleyah, jim and i ran on the fairfield university campus, and today i ran through downtown fairfield and in fairfield beach along the long island sound.

pm run: 7 miles, 1:01:59 (8:51 avg pace), avg/max hr (161/183)

Monday, October 27, 2008

asthma attack

had a pretty bad asthma problem last night from the pet bunny here at my aunt's house. we had to take a midnight trip to cvs for some inhalers, and luckily we were able to call in for a prescription strength one too. i woke up this morning with a sore upper-back and shoulders from coughing and trying to breathe last night.

still struggling to breathe today so took a nice, easy, slow run with some cousins around fairfield university and downtown fairfield. it is a beautiful day with the temps in the low-mid 60's. i can't afford to skip any runs this week because i am hanging out with my filipino side of the family and they love to eat!

mile 1 - 10:23, 132
mile 2 - 10:11, 132
mile 3 - 11:05, 130
mile 4 - 10:06, 137
mile 5 - 10:00, 144
mile 5.4 - 3:48, 148

not the best splits, but my hr was too high for the slower pace. i can definitely tell the effect my constricted lungs have on my hr. it was tough to breathe even at the slow pace, so i was grateful to have the company and the slower pace to help take my mind off my (lack of) breathing. i may very well take this whole week easy while i'm up here and just get my runs in but still take it easy on the lungs.

pm run: 5.4 miles, 55:45 (10:19 avg pace), avg/max hr (136/180)

goofy training week 7

recap of training week 7 (10/20-10/26):
[day - mileage, time, avg hr]
mon - 5.15 easy, 47:20, 139
tue - 8.4 tempo, 1:08:02, 170
wed - 7 easy, 1:04:31, 143
thu - off, traded with friday
fri - 6.3 easy, 53:41, 159
sat - 13.1 race (tempo), 1:41:49, 176
sun - 16 easy, 2:16:59, 155

mileage total - 56.00

the spinx half was successful in that i did not push the pace and just ran it as a tempo run. of course i was slightly disappointed that i didn't pr still, but it felt good to have ran a semi-hard effort and still feel energized afterwards. the 16 the day after went well. i wasn't sore and i never slowed down significantly although i felt my legs and feet getting tired.

now i'm one month out from atlanta and starting to feel the tiniest bit of confidence that i can run my 8min/mile average goal. here's hoping the next few weeks go well.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

semi-solo sixteen

ran 16 miles this morning, 8 with kt and then she peaced out on me so i ran the last 8 alone. today was a small test of how my body will feel and run after running a half. i was tired, but not sore. it was harder mentally than physically for the last 8 miles but my times seemed to improve slightly. i think we went out too fast (i would've been ok going a little slower anyway) and my times/hr fluctuate a good bit but overall it was a decent run.

mile 1 - 8:06, 141
mile 2 - 9:02, 152
mile 3 - 8:21, 148
mile 4 - 9:05, 152
mile 5 - 8:08, 149
mile 6 - 9:19, 156
mile 7 - 8:13, 153
mile 8 - 9:15, 153
mile 9 - 8:21, 145
mile 10 - 9:02, 158
mile 11 - 8:03, 155
mile 12 - 8:44, 159
mile 13 - 8:06, 155
mile 14 - 8:52, 163
mile 15 - 7:53, 164
mile 16 - 8:22, 169

up north for the week so i will hopefully get in some good runs in the new scenery. i am having a really hard time breathing just sitting in my aunt's house so i'll probably break down tomorrow and buy an inhaler so i can live through the week and get back to j who i miss tons!

am run: 16 miles, 2:16:59 (8:33 avg pace), avg/max hr (155/181)

Saturday, October 25, 2008

spinx half marathon

i ran the spinx half this morning in downtown greenville with kt. it was a decent route i guess - hard for me to get excited about the 'sites' when i see them all the time anyway. there were some pretty good hills to tire me out, but i am mostly satisfied with my effort today.

i successfully talked myself into not-racing it and running it at goal-pace instead (8min/mile). i started out a little slower than goal pace for the first mile but that was ok, just the first mile. miles 2-4 i held back a tad but ran those close enough to pace as well. after mile 4 i decided i still felt pretty good so i picked it up a bit (aiming for 7:30min/mile). hit those targets well with the exception of a few slower miles where the big hills were. miles 9-11 were a little hard, starting to feel a little tired, but as i neared the mile 12 sign my adrenaline kicked in and took me all the way in.

the finish was cool - entered the local minor league baseball stadium (complete with a mini- green monster) and ran around the warning track to the finish, which was all shown on the big screen in center field.

mile 1 - 8:32, 164
mile 2 - 8:09, 166
mile 3 - 8:10, 168
mile 4 - 8:01, 167
mile 5 - 7:38, 177
mile 6 - 7:35, 182
mile 7 - 7:24, 179
mile 8 - 7:30, 181
mile 9 - 7:49, 182
mile 10 - 7:53, 180
mile 11 - 7:35, 180
mile 12 - 7:39, 183
mile 13.1 - 7:45, 183

i didn't stick around for awards. it was mid-50s and drizzly and i was getting chilly in my sweat and the rain. official times are of course not posted yet but my watch says i ran a 1:41. my half pr is a 1:40 (without much consistent training) and i am fairly pleased with today's 1:41 since i was holding back a little. i feel like i could've cut a few minutes off my time had i pushed it more.

am run: 13.1 miles, 1:41:54 (7:46 avg pace), avg/max hr (176/194)

Friday, October 24, 2008

great things

to accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.

- anatole france

back to the beaten path

the rain held off (for the most part) this morning and kt and i got in our 6 miles on the road we used to train on everyday back in '06-'07. i pretty much quit running there when she moved which probably worked out for the better since another girl was sexually assaulted while running there last fall. it did start raining a bit miles 3-5 but at least it didn't pour. i've been extremely wimpy about the cooler temps (which are only in the low-mid 50's) and wore long sleeves plus a jacket this morning even though i knew the jacket would be coming off in the first mile. it was good to get out and run in the "cold" and remind myself that i can, in fact, handle it.

the splits are off today because at times we were too busy catching up on life for me to check my watch. no biggie.

mile 1 - 8:29, 143
mile 2 - 8:27, 158
mile 3.15 - 9:40, 163
mile 4 - 7:39, 164 *only .85 of a mile
miles 5 to 6.3 - 18:56, 163

hr was a little higher than i probably would have liked for it to be today but i don't think i over exerted myself too much and should have enough in the tank for tomorrow. i've done a pretty good job of talking myself into using it as a training run at goal marathon pace and not pushing it (and ending up sick or hurt).

am run: 6.3 miles, 53:41 (8:31 avg pace), avg/max hr (159/177)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

rearranging the schedule

i didn't run today because good ol' kt is coming back to town for a couple of days and wanted to run tomorrow. i wanted a day off to get some sort of rest in before the half on saturday so i figured i'd switch thursday and friday again. bad news is the weather forecast is calling for a rainy, 50degree morning, but maybe it'll be wrong again? rain or shine i'll get my easy 6 in tomorrow. i'm looking forward to getting a few runs in with kt again this weekend as it will be a nice change from all this running alone business. (minus most of my long runs when j bikes with me of course)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

slow and neverending

that's how today's run felt. overall it really wasn't bad - kept my hr low and most of my miles were around the pace i wanted them to be for an easy day, but the last 2.5 miles took forever it seemed.

oh yes, and yet again i did not run in the morning as planned, but luckily i've had time to log miles after work to make up for my slackerness. i really prefer to go in the morning so it's done for the day, but i think the cooler temps have contributed to my desire to stay cuddled up in bed instead. at any rate, at least i've gotten in all my runs over the past two weeks even while sleeping in most days.

today was an easy 7, nothing special. no consistency in my times but i was focusing more on keeping the hr below 150 which i was successful at (on average).

mile 1 - 9:08, 148
mile 2 - 8:38, 130
mile 3 - 9:09, 139
mile 4 - 8:54, 145
mile 5 - 9:23, 145
mile 6 - 9:11, 149
mile 7 - 9:44, 148

my right calf got really tight again for the first 3.5 miles. i even stopped to stretch for a minute at about 1.5 miles, and the stretch was painful. gonna try to be good about stretching it throughout the day so it hopefully clears back up again, especially in time for saturday's half.

pm run: 7 miles, 1:04:31 (9:13 avg pace), avg/max hr (143/181)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

getting there

while i, once again, did not wake up this morning to run, i'm finally making some progress in finding a steady, even pace for my tempo runs. saturday's effort was right on and i dreaded today's run all day because i was afraid for some reason that i wouldn't be able to find and hold the pace. took it slightly lighter today and aimed for an 8min/mile pace for 7 of the 8 miles on today's schedule.

mile 1 - 8:03, 142
mile 2 - 8:01, 164
mile 3 - 7:52, 171
mile 4 - 7:52, 169
mile 5 - 8:00, 175
mile 6 - 8:09, 178
mile 7 - 7:47, 178
mile 8 - 8:22, 181 *aimed for an 8:30 recovery mile
mile 8.48 - 3:52, 177

i also really need to quit eating so many m&m's but our project admin at work got a bunch of halloween candy and the m&m's are all i can eat so she hoards them for me. not helping!

pm run: 8.48miles, 1:08:02 (8:01 avg pace), avg/max hr (170/191)

Monday, October 20, 2008

mmm bushes

when you really have to pee the clusters of bushes and trees in a very populated neighborhood are the devil. they just laugh at you as you run by with your burstingly-full bladder begging to be relieved. tonight was such the case for me as i strongly needed to go shortly into my run. thankfully, i made it about 3.5 miles to the "wooded" section which it's still probably not legal but at least it wasn't someone's yard. felt sooo much better after.

anyway... once again did not get up this morning! notice a trend? it was especially nice once i did get up and saw it was about 38 degrees out at 7am. i am not quite ready to don my tights again. so after punching the clock i got my easy, 5-mile recovery run in. my left hamstring is still sore/tight but i think the slow, easy run was good for it. my right calf got a little tight just shy of 2-miles in but loosened back up and wasn't a problem.

mile 1 - 9:03, 138
mile 2 - 9:22, 134
mile 3 - 9:07, 137
mile 4 - 9:22, 142
mile 5 - 9:02, 142

so just a slow, super easy run with nice, low heart rates. i'm not too sure why i fluctuated in my splits so rhythmically but oh well.

pm run: 5.15 miles, 47:20 (9:11 avg pace), avg/max hr (139/179)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

goofy training week 6

recap of training week 6 (10/13-10/19):
[day - mileage, time, avg hr]
mon - 5 easy, 46:43, 138
tue - 8.4 (5x1mile), 1:08:58, 165
wed - 7 easy, 1:00:46, 155
thu - off, laziness
fri - 8.25 (4x800), 1:11:27, 167
sat - 10.4 pace, 1:22:05, 175
sun - 12 easy, 1:50:15, 150

mileage total - 51.05

all i can think of right now as i type up this week's summary is how hungry i am. ended up being an ok week since saturday's long goal-pace run was a success. the two speed workouts kinda sucked as i fell short of my repetition goals but i met my time goals. would be nice if my weight wanted to get a clue from the higher mileage and start decreasing... anytime now...

afternoon delight

more lovely sleeping in today. it was much needed after a late night at classy karaoke where 'big ray' wearing pleather pants proposed to his girlfriend. what girl doesn't dream of getting engaged at a bar?

so i had a couple beverages last night for the first time in a long time but i wasn't out trying to get tanked or anything. i'm training you know. woke up this morning fine of course (i only had 3 drinks) but my hamstrings are sore from screwing down backerboard at j's house yesterday. i know, i know i should've had better posture and bent my knees more to save my back and hammy's. luckily they're not too sore and today was an easy day.

after a lazy and relaxing morning i met up with the team at milliken. i got in almost 7 miles on the grass/gravel there and then finished up the rest of my miles on pavement at home. i could tell i was low on fuel in the last 3 miles as i felt really weak. my hamstrings did fine, they're just sore.

mile 1 - 11:13, 144 *yeah you try telling high schoolers to just run and not change direction every 3 steps
mile 2 - 8:46, 133
mile 3 - 9:05, 152
mile 4 - 9:20, 146
mile 5 - 9:22, 145
mile 6 - 9:16, 148
mile 7 - 9:00, 152
mile 8 - 8:45, 147
mile 9 - 8:01, 153
mile 10 - 9:19, 155
mile 11 - 9:21, 157
mile 12 - 8:42, 162

it was just an easy 12 miler to get some miles in and build a little endurance. nothing too exciting or worthy of nothing that i can think of. fairly easy week coming up since i'm running a half on saturday.

pm run: 12 miles, 1:50:15 (9:11 avg pace), avg/max hr (150/178)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

on pace

treated myself to "sleeping in" this morning and set the alarm for 8am. woke up on my own at probably 7:58, i am an old lady, can't even sleep in. anyway took my time getting ready as i did not really want to go for my run, but j was going to bike with me so that gave me an extra push out the door.

the goal for today's shorter-long run (10 miles) was to get in some marathon pace miles (8:00min/mile which is right around a 3:30 marathon. my marathon pr is a 3:56 and i need a 3:40 for boston). i initially started out planning to do the first 2 miles as warm-up and then aim for my pace for the last 8. i hit the 2nd mile just slightly higher than goal pace so i decided to let that be a pace mile. i'm really happy with my efforts overall as i hit my pace for 9-miles (i thought i was pulling back speed in the last mile but it still ended up being 8:00). i know it's nowhere near 26(.2) but it's a start.

mile 1 - 8:34, 155
mile 2 - 8:09, 162
mile 3 - 7:58, 172
mile 4 - 7:44, 181
mile 5 - 7:30, 177
mile 6 - 7:52, 179
mile 7 - 7:26, 181
mile 8 - 7:32, 181
mile 9 - 7:47, 184
mile 10 - 8:00, 178
mile 10.4 - 3:36, 183

in mile 6 there were 2 uphills that tired me out but i recovered in miles 7 & 8 just in time for a big hill in mile 9 (about 1/2 mile long). i'm feeling good about the run especially since i had such a hard time mentally and physically with this week's 800 workout.

am run: 10.4 miles, 1:22:05 (7:52 avg pace), avg/max hr (175/191)

Friday, October 17, 2008

800s take 2

well i did get up and out the door this morning but i was still "not there" mentally and my legs were absent as well. just wasn't feeling it, and it sucked.

did a 2mile warm up which was ok i guess. i wasn't really into it but i transitioned straight into my 800s anyway (which i did on the street again vs the track). first rep, felt like junk. already having to seriously talk myself into finishing the rep and starting another one. second rep, still felt like junk although my time was fine. talked myself into another. third rep, wanted to quit multiple times within the 1/2 mile. forced myself to finish. talked myself into another. fourth rep, still junk, still wanted to quit. told myself i could quit after it if i still felt crappy at the end since usually after a couple reps my legs, body and mind get used to the flow and pain (of pushing myself) and i start to enjoy it. not the case today. i was miserable.

so i quit. 4x800 instead of 7x800. i'm trying to tell myself it's ok because i did mile repeats on tuesday and maybe i shouldn't be trying to do multiple speed workouts in a week, but that still seems like a pretty lame excuse. then i think, well maybe my body is tired from sunday's 16-miler, but that's a lame excuse too 'cause i don't think i feel tired. man up legs! let's pull it together here.

mile 1 - 9:20, 139
mile 2 - 9:31, 157
1x800 - 3:26, 180
2x800 - 3:11, 180
3x800 - 3:26, 186
4x800 - 3:16, 183
mile 4.25 to 6 - 11:39, 173 *quitter miles, recovery and transition into 'finish-logging-the-miles' run
mile 7 - 9:03, 173
mile 8 - 8:40, 172
mile 8.25 - 1:37, 178

hr wouldn't recover and stuck around in 'tempo' hr zone even though i was clearly not doing a tempo run. i know my 800 times weren't even that bad and i quit because my body/mind was complaining. kinda feel like i should've stuck it out. rar. hopefully i can get back on track next week.

at least it didn't rain i guess.

am run: 8.25 miles, 1:11:27 (8:40 avg pace), avg/max hr (167/194)

question mark

running is a big question mark that's there each and every day. it asks you, "are you going to be a wimp or are you going to be strong today?"

-peter maher, sub-2:12 marathoner

Thursday, October 16, 2008

lazy with no excuses

today's daily run is a big fat dnf. dns, actually.

once again i did not get up early this morning to get my run in. now that i am home from work i am not really feeling up to doing the scheduled 800s. i could think of a million excuses but i'm just going to suck it up and accept the fact that i am being lazy. this is actually a hard entry to type. i want to go run, but i want to get my 800s in for the week and i have had a somewhat of a bad day and i feel like it will affect the quality of the run.

so, instead of taking tomorrow off, i will be running my 800's. tomorrow morning i will get up early and get my run in before work. weather forecast is calling for rain but i will be up and out running rain or shine.

today i suck. tomorrow i will make up for this.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

inconsistent seven

two pm runs in a row now - i was lazy this morning and opted for that extra hour(+) of sleep. tonight's run was kinda sucky in that i was all over the place, but overall my avg pace was ok for an easy day.

[mile - pace, avg hr]
mile 1 - 8:56, 139
mile 2 - 8:21, 147
mile 3 - 8:30, 157
mile 4 - 8:41, 161
mile 5 - 8:31, 157
mile 6 - 8:36, 161
mile 7 - 9:02, 162

mile 7 was rudely interrupted by a craptacular stomach ache :( even with the short, periodic walking breaks to try to calm my stomach enough to get home my hr was still high. ran a route that has a couple decent-sized hills and after working up those (not too hard but not holding back to keep my hr down either) my hr wasn't recovering too quickly, stayed in the upper 150s/160s after the first trip up one of the hills in mile 3.

pm run: 7 miles, 1:00:47 (8:40 avg pace), avg/max hr (155/177)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

miles and miles

6xmile today became 5xmile and i think one of those was really 1.25 but whatever.

because i've had no luck with the middle school track lane-hogging walkers, i headed over to a nearby high school track for today's mile repeats. did a mile warm-up and immediately started my repeats with a 400 recovery in between. i think i lost count in the 2nd repeat and ran more than 4 laps because that split was awful.

there was another guy out doing some speed work and we caught up to each other and chatted a little about running. while i really wanted to work hard in this workout and punish myself for saturday's (crappy) performance, i also really love talking about running to anyone who will actually listen so i cut into my workout a little and hence only 5 repeats tonight. it threw me off my groove a little but overall my times were better than previously. speed guy also gave some nice compliments about my "smooth, fast running" and who wouldn't want run and chat and hear more nice things.

[rep - pace, avg hr]
1xmile - 6:45, 178
2xmile - 8:54, 168 (lost count of laps here i think)
3xmile - 6:48, 181
4xmile - 6:35, 183
5xmile - 7:01, 178

throw in a couple miles for warm-up, recovery laps, and cool-down and i got in a little over 8 miles today. not too bad i guess but it was supposed to be more.

in previous repeat days my first mile is down in the 6:30s and then they drop back to 6:50s/7:00s, so i consider today to be slightly better. i know my mind wasn't too focused on pace and that hurt me a little.

pm run: 8.4 miles, 1:08:58 (8:12 avg pace), avg/max hr (165/192)

Monday, October 13, 2008

light morning run

5 easy, recovery miles this morning. goals were to be slow, keep the hr down, log some miles, and help loosen up the calves more. successful on all counts.

long day so i'm tired and this is gonna be short. foot did ok, calves are slowly getting looser.

[mile - pace, avg hr]
mile 1 - 9:23, 143
mile 2 - 9:46, 135
mile 3 - 8:49, 136
mile 4 - 9:27, 136
mile 5 - 9:17, 139

am run: 5 miles, 46:43 (9:20 avg pace), avg/max hr (138/180)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

goofy training week 5

recap of training week 5 (10/06-10/12):
[day - mileage, time, avg hr]
mon - 5.1 easy, 45:22, 158
tue - 7 tempo (4mi), 58:15, 166
wed - 8 easy, 1:11:26, 151
thu - 7.3 easy, 1:02:33, 155
fri - off
sat - 5.4 easy (52:28) + 5k race (21:35), 175
sun - 16 easy, 2:21:24, 152

mileage total - 51.9 *new record high, for now!

abs: 600 crunches, 2 days of ball work, 5x1min planks

i'm starting to try and talk myself into running the upcoming half as a training run. i definitely don't think i am ready to try and push the pace too much and cut down on my half-pr. i don't want to go out, run too hard, and get sick or injured as a result of it. i have lofty goals for the half-marathon and i want/need to be fully trained when i toe the line to truly take a shot at them. plus, i am planning on running the atlanta marathon in late november, so sickness/injury would not be too helpful right now. anyway, so i'm starting to get it in my hard-headed brain that it will be a marathon-pace practice run at most and hopefully in two weeks i will have talked myself into it.

as far as this week's training goes - right foot was so-so all week along and then gave more pain on the weekend. calves are super tight after saturday's 5k on the hills and grass, but they don't hurt at all while running - just get really stiff from being inactive.


this morning i woke up and couldn't walk because my calves were so tight. the right one is still worse than the left, but i think the left doesn't want to be 'left out' in the heat-pad pampering so it's acting up too. once i walked around a bit and slowly stretched them out they were ok/manageable.

j was not available to bike along with me today so i ran one of my loops instead and stopped quickly after each loop (4mi) for water/propel. i made a point to keep the breaks as short as possible, taking a couple sips of water and propel and heading back out. today was my longest solo run ever and i am feeling good about being able to push myself through it alone.

16 miles total this morning in 4 loops of 4 miles. took it easy for the first 2 laps and then picked it up just a little for a negative split. each lap was about 30 seconds faster than the previous.

miles 1 and 2 were rolling (decent-sized) hills, and miles 3 and 4 were relatively flat with the occasional gentle hill.

my right foot hurt a good bit in mile 7 so i stopped and loosened the shoe a lot. it wasn't perfect for the rest of the run but it didn't bother me enough to be concerned. i will ice it today, pop some ibuprofen, and consider taking tomorrow off to rest my foot and my calves.

did a stability ball workout post-run and am going to go stretch my calves. i need to get off my foot but if i sit down too long my calves get too tight and i can't stand up again. oh the dilemma...

am run: 16 miles, 2:21:24 (8:50 avg pace), avg/max hr (152/178)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

furman 5k photos

2008 furman blue shoes 5k
photos by my #1 spectator :)

in mile 1

in mile 2, before wanting to quit

see the tiny kid? yeah he beat me.

i beat this guy, had to regain a little pride

can't really see me but proof i beat him

furman 5k

i suck.

ran a true cross-country 5k this morning at furman university. the course was cool and all but there's a reason you run golf-course hills for torturous training and not (typically) in a race. well furman's course is also their golf course, so yippi for big hills in a race.

as usual, i started out way too fast. well, it should've been a manageable pace but it was a hard course and my mile splits worsened dramatically, so obviously i went out too fast. my goals were to pr and ultimately run a sub-21. (current pr, 21:27) well i didn't pr, and i am extremely disappointed. i don't know if i should feed myself excuses like "well it was a tough course" and "you ran in flats, not spikes", etc etc. my mile splits were terrible, i felt awful (seriously wanted to drop out in the 2nd mile, how pathetic), and i was slower than my pr by 8 seconds. ah yes, and i got passed by an 8-year old at the finish.

5k race:
[mile - pace, avg hr]
mile 1 - 6:40, 185
mile 2 - 6:52, 194
mile 3 - 7:26, 198
mile 3.1 - 0:41, 200

as today is my shorter-long run day (8mi) i also got in 2+ miles of warm up and a delayed recovery 3 mile run since i didn't go for a cooldown jog immediately after the race. of course the cooldown was the original plan but i didnt feel like doing much of anything once i finished. i got a blister on my right heel and my right calf is cramping immensely - i can barely walk right now. i know, that's my own fault for not cooling down or stretching very well.

my foot did ok. it hurt decently after i finished but was alright - could be masked by my lovely calf pain though. my foot also hurt when i went out for my 3 mi recovery run, pretty bad during the first mile but ok for the most part once i got through that mile.

i have two speed workouts scheduled for this coming week and you better believe i will be kicking my own ass in them as punishment.

am run: 2.25mi warmup, 5k race (21:35), 3mi recovery jog
avg/max hr for 5k (194/202)

Friday, October 10, 2008


everyday someone is training when you are not.
when you race him, he will win.


Thursday, October 9, 2008

stress relief

long, busy day at work today so tonight's easy-paced 7(+) felt good and helped work out some stress. i had to cancel on my regularly scheduled 800s to get a little rest in for saturday's 5k.

my foot did pretty good, it flared up with a little pain around 6.5 miles but went away shortly after. i'm still taking precautions and babying it after runs - sure don't need any serious injuries (or injuries period).

[mile - split, avg pace]

mile 1 - 8:13, 137
mile 2 - 8:19, 153
mile 3 - 8:31, 156
mile 4 - 8:26, 155
mile 5 - 9:02, 158
mile 6 - 8:28, 159
mile 7 - 8:45, 159

not sure what happened in mile 5. oh well.

i feel like i'm doing a much better job of keeping my hr more consistent, mostly targeting for anywhere in the 150s on these easy days. i'm happy to see my splits come down already. i know when i first started hr training my splits were around 9:20 in the 150-160 hr zone, and i'd read that after awhile you'd become faster while still maintaining the same hr. looks like progress to me and i'm happy with it.

pm run: 7.3 miles, 1:02:33 (avg pace 8:34), avg/max hr (155/174)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

easy eight

my right foot held up today, only started slightly hurting about 6.5 miles into the run and never became a concern. tied the shoe pretty loose again, took some ibuprofen yesterday in case there is any tendon swelling or whatnot and i'm gonna go ice it in a bit. (man it almost sounds like i'm actually good at listening to my body and tending to injuries in advance... pssssh)

easy 8 miles this morning with not much to say about them. hr is getting more consistent and i guess my splits weren't too off either.

[mile - pace, avg hr]
mile 1 - 8:40, 138
mile 2 - 8:55, 147
mile 3 - 9:03, 150
mile 4 - 9:14, 152
mile 5 - 8:57, 152
mile 6 - 8:57, 154
mile 7 - 8:47, 154
mile 8 - 8:47, 161

almost looks like i got this easy-paced hr thing down finally. or maybe it's the cooler, non-humid weather allowing me to relax a little more.

abs: 300 crunches, 5x1min planks - i'm being good so far but then again i'm only a week into it here.

am run: 8miles, 1:11:26 (8:55 avg pace), avg/max hr (151/181)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

morning tempo

7mi run this morning with 4mi tempo. felt easier than last week and i even kind of enjoyed pushing the pace some (aka didn't feel like crap).

my right foot was bothering me slightly the whole time (and yesterday too) but got a little worse 5-6 miles in. i tied that shoe looser today and yesterday, but it's still been hurting. i'm still hoping it's from tight shoes and just a little bruised/sore from sunday's 13-miler. i'm icing it and trying to stay off of it as much as possible. it's feeling better now that the whole day has passed.

[mile - pace, avg hr]
mile 1 - 9:38, 143
mile 2 - 9:20, 151
mile 3 - 7:45, 168
mile 4 - 7:38, 172
mile 5 - 7:48, 179
mile 6 - 7:17, 185
mile 7 - 8:36, 174

my goal pace for tempo runs is 7:41 / target hr 174-184, so i'm pretty thrilled that i was a lot closer to these numbers than before. i can tell i'm getting a little faster and that the pace is a little more comfortable (but not much). i felt tired at the end of mile 5 and considered slowing down for the last 2 miles, but i pressed on, telling myself it'd be good to do the tempo distance longer than this weekend's race distance (5k). mile 6 had a big hill which i started to feel fatigued during and thought it would reflect in my time, but apparently i banged out my fastest mile for the day there.

should be smooth sailing to the weekend as long as my foot holds up - easy runs tomorrow and thursday to rest up for saturday's 5k, gotta beat my 21:27. i figure since i will be pushing the pace there i can slide on this week's 800s.

am run: 7miles, 58:15, avg pace/tempo pace (8:19/7:37), avg/max hr (166/192)

Monday, October 6, 2008

the m&m diet

i really need to give up m&m's, again. i've polished off an entire "medium" and "tear 'n share" sized bags in 2 days (minus the blues, i don't eat the blue ones). coulda done it sooner but i made myself stop and save some for today. felt like blubber running today, blub blub blub.

didn't run til after work today, and after all the m&m consumption i thought it'd really bog me down. somehow, i turned out probably my most consistent run in a long while (maybe i should stick to this diet...) went out to oak grove "lake" to run 5 easy in the afternoon sun, which was surprisingly cool-feeling for 80 degrees.

[mile - pace, avg hr]

mile 1 - 8:39, 157
mile 2 - 8:40, 153
mile 3 - 8:39, 158
mile 4 - 9:29, 160 *???
mile 5 - 8:39, 161

im pretty proud of myself, with the exception of mile 4 of course. not sure what happened there. hr could've been lower but never felt labored or tired so i'm ok with it. also got in another ab workout - 300 crunches and ball work.

pm run: 5.1 miles, 45:22 (avg 8:54 pace), avg/max hr (158/177)

Sunday, October 5, 2008

goofy training week 4

recap of training week 4 (9/29-10/05):
[day - mileage, time, avg hr]
mon - 5.1 easy, 47:55, 149
tue - 7 tempo (30'), 1:01:38, 166
wed - 8 easy, 1:12:10, 157
thu - 6 (6x800), 48:07, 153
fri - off (sick)
sat - 7.3 easy, 1:06:22, 163 (recovering from fri)
sun -13.1 (with tempo), 1:51:18, 168

mileage total - 46.50

yoga: once (20min)
abs: 750 crunches, 1 day of ball work, 5x1min planks


i hate trying to think of titles for posts.

longer-long run of the weekend this morning with j tagging along on his bike as usual. had he not come i probably would have turned around at about 1 mile and called it a day; i was not feeling it in the beginning. luckily, he was there to push me, and i survived.

the top of my right foot (big toe side) hurt more than usual today even after a stop to loosen my laces (which has worked in the past it seems). it's still a little sore now even, almost 7 hours later, although i have been on my feet all day too. so i'm hoping after some rest it'll be good to go again.

since i took yesterday easy i planned on throwing some tempo/marathon pace miles in to today's run. i started with 4 miles easy and then picked up the pace (target hr 174-184). well about .6 miles into my first 'tempo'/pace mile my left shoe came untied so i finished out that mile (which was all uphill) and then stopped to tie my shoe. starting up again i decided i'd take the next mile easy since i was so rudely interrupted by my shoe. mile 6 was easy, and then picked it up again. mile 7 was no big deal but mile 8 was uphill again (wtf) and wore me out. stopped again for some propel and water, and took mile 9 easy. then i decided i'd just do a comfortable-hard effort for the rest of the run as i was starting to feel tired. guess i wasn't feeling that tired because mile 10 was my fastest for the day. finished the last 3 miles at my made-up "comfortable-hard" pace, and i could feel my back muscles starting to get really tired and sore.

i would have liked to have gotten a solid chunk of the middle miles at tempo/pace, and it's annoying me that my times are so up/down/up/down because i didn't. oh well, i guess i'll just be glad i still pushed myself, got a few semi-decent miles in, held my easy hr range in the beginning, and completed the run without dying.

[mile - pace, avg hr]
mile 1 - 9:36, 140
mile 2 - 8:45, 154
mile 3 - 8:56, 154
mile 4 - 9:04, 154
mile 5 - 8:18, 178 *uphill but at least i pushed the pace
mile 6 - 8:53, 168
mile 7 - 7:57, 175
mile 8 - 7:56, 183
mile 9 - 8:50, 170
mile 10 - 7:18, 174
mile 11 - 8:24, 172
mile 12 - 8:05, 182
mile 13 - 8:24, 174
mile 13.1 - 0:45, 179

i've got a half marathon race coming up in about 3 weeks and i wanted to see how i did in today's training run compared to my current pr (1:40). i was about 11 minutes slower and i'm not quite sure yet how i will interpret that.

am run: 13.1 miles, 1:51:18 (8:29 avg pace), avg/max hr (168/190)

Saturday, October 4, 2008

construction workers

got oogled by some classy construction workers this morning, but only for the first 3+ miles. first there were some road workers out pushing dirt around on the side of the road (i think they are widening it and *maybe putting in a sidewalk* which would be awesome). i waved and said good morning to be polite. one of the guys on his big dirt-pushing machine put it in reverse next to me and i thought he was warning others about the wide load approaching. then i turned into a neighborhood and one of the houses was being re-roofed. it's a little obvious when you hear 4-5 people working on a roof and using their nail gun thingys and then all of a sudden, silence. none of those nail guns are being used. c'mon guys, grow up. kinda wish one of them accidentally nail gunned another or fell off the roof or something. at least it'd be humorous. i mean i'm not even hot.

anyway, my shorter-long run of the week was an easy 7.3 instead of marathon pace because i was sick as a dog yesterday and i wanted/needed to run but didn't want to get sicker. felt ok when i got up this morning (haven't sneezed yet once today!) so i decided to run. my asthma wasn't bothering me at all which was kind of weird, i thought it'd be the worst today considering, but i'm alright with that. my heartrate was not cooperating, and i am wondering if it's because my body is still trying to fight off this cold because i never felt like i was pushing it throughout the run.

[mile - pace, avg hr]
mile 1 - 8:17, 144 *that's what i'm talkin about!
mile 2 - 8:50, 164
mile 3 - 8:38, 166
mile 4 - 8:52, 160
mile 5 - 9:45, 167 *wtf?
mile 6 - 9:21, 164
mile 7 - 9:43, 170 *more wtf?
mile 7.3 - 2:52, 171

i'd like to hold a sub-9 pace like the first 4 miles were, but within the 150 hr range. in mile 5 my hr was trying to creep into the 170s so i was slowing down to try to hold it back, plus there were some good-sized uphills to contend with. i think after that i just couldn't recover my hr even though i tried to hold the pace back for the remainder of the run. although my hr was considerably higher than preferred, i'm gonna chalk it up to my sickness 'cause the run still felt easy/comfortable.

started to do yoga but never really got into it, only did 20min instead of 1hr25. however, i did get in a 2nd ab workout for the week, 300 crunches and 5x1min planks.

am run: 7.3 miles, 1:06:22 (9:05 avg pace), avg/max hr (163/180)

5k workouts

one of my goals is to run a sub-20:00 5k, and ultimately even faster. the following 5k workouts from running planet are designed to help increase your strength, speed, and stamina.
  1. 12x400 meter repeats - warm up, run 12x400m at goal 5k pace, recover between repeats for 30 seconds. as you progress, cut your recovery time to 15 seconds.
  2. 6x800 meter repeats - warm up, run 6x800m at goal 5k pace, recover between each repeat for 1 minute. as you progress, decrease your recovery time.
  3. 3x1600 meter repeats - warm up, run 3x1600 at goal 5k pace, recover for 2 minutes gradually decreasing your recovery time.
  4. 400 meter repeats with float - run 2-4 miles alternating between 400 meters at 5k pace and 200 meters at a strong (but relaxed) pace. this workout builds your lactate threshold and running economy at race pace.
  5. lactate builders - alternate between running 30 seconds at nearly full pace and 30 seconds at an easy pace. continue until you are no longer able to hold a strong pace.
  6. 3x400/800/400 compound sets or supersets - warm up, run 400m at nearly full pace, slow down to goal 5k pace for 800m, speed up to near-full pace for 400m. take no recovery between distances, but recover for 5 minutes between each compound set.
  7. 5k long run - 4 miles at an easy pace, speed up to goal 5k pace for 1/2 mile, slow down to easy pace for 4 miles, speed up to goal 5k pace for 1/2 mile again, slow down to easy pace for 2 miles, finish with 1 mile at goal 5k pace (12 miles total)

Friday, October 3, 2008

brick walls

brick walls are there for a reason. they're not there to keep us out. they are there to give us a chance to show how badly we want something.

-randy pausch

Thursday, October 2, 2008

just some more 800s

it's getting cooler out. a cool 49 degrees this morning when i headed out for my run. i toughened up and did not put on long-sleeves, telling myself i would warm up quickly. i always forget my temperature tolerances by the time the cooler weather comes back around. can never remember what my short- vs. long- sleeved threshold is. oh well.

fast 6 miles this morning. well, slow 2-mile warm up, fast 3, slow 1-mile cool down really. had 6x800 on the schedule which i ran on the streets again. the first rep was supposedly way slow. i know it was a little uncomfortable, but the first rep usually feels harder while your body adjusts to the quicker pace. i think i might not have stopped my watch in the few seconds between my warm up miles and the first set, and that's where the extra time came from. but, i can't remember so i'll suck it up and claim the less-than-desirable time.

2mile warm up - 18:48, 139
1x800 - 3:41, 170
2x800 - 3:11, 170
3x800 - 3:17, 174
4x800 - 3:08, 155
5x800 - 3:18, 179
6x800 - 3:10, 175
1mile cool down - 9:34, 163

the 4th rep i had more operator error and forgot to start a new split when i started the 800 so it was combined with the previous rest period, hence the way lower avg hr. the 5th rep felt like death (i also had to take a pit stop immediately after it), but the 6th rep felt great (probably because of the 5min break i had for bathroom purposes).

as evident in today's splits, i still need to work on pacing and keeping it constant... a lot. i know my mind was more focused on surviving and keeping my lungs breathing (still having asthma troubles) than whether or not my pace as consistent. really need to work on that.

in non-running news, i successfully completed 1 core workout for the week after my run this morning. 300 crunches and a session of 'ball work'.

am run: 6 miles, 49:16 (8:13 avg pace), avg/max hr (153/190)

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


i've decided i'm going to really try to focus on core workouts this month and getting in a routine of actually doing them. i know core strength is important for running, especially now that i am really picking up my mileage and (hopefully) speed.

currently i am inconsistently doing 300 various crunches "3 times" per week. translation: i do 150-300 crunches once/week, occaisionally 2x/week.

so goal #1: 300 crunches (various types) 3x/week

very rarely (as in once every other month), i get in the mood for some planks. when i do them, i typically do 3x1min "regular", and 1x1min on each side.

goal #2: 5x1min planks 1x/week

even more rarely (once a year maybe), i throw in some core-back work. i don't know the street terms for them but i call them cat/camels and superman, and then i also do left arm/right leg alternating thingys that i have no idea what to even try to name them.

long story short, goal #3: stability ball work 2x/week
  • squats (2x15)
  • pushups (2x15)
  • lunges (2x15)
  • sit-ups (2x15)
  • back extension (2x15)
  • oblique twists (2x15)
the stability ball workouts will help strengthen my core (abs and back) as well as my overall balance, which also needs help anyway.

no mid-section photos will be posted unless some catastrophic event occurs and my six-pack actually appears.

1000 miles

with today's run done, i've officially ran 1000(+) miles for 2008. had a bit of a slow start to my running consistency earlier this year so hopefully next year i will be able to claim this sooner.

8 easy miles today. i was torn between holding a decent (sub-9:00/mile) pace and keeping my heart rate down. it just didn't want to stay in the 140s or 150s like it's supposed to. sometimes i still wonder if maybe my easy-paced hr should be higher, but then again i don't really see my max being 205+ either. i am no hr expert, one day i will figure out what max hr to go off of... one day. i really can't wait for my 'easy' run paces to be in the (lower) 8's, and even on down from there.

[mile - pace, avg hr]
mile 1 - 9:02, 141
mile 2 - 8:32, 155 *why can't all my easy-paced miles be like this one
mile 3 & 4 - 17:29, 158 *8:45's-ish we'll say
mile 5 - 9:14, 164 *nice hill here, started up it slow to (try to) get my hr down and then said screw it and pushed it up the hill
mile 6 - 9:30, 161 *not sure why this one sucked so much
mile 7 & 8 - 18:11, 159

legs didn't feel crappy like they have been feeling since saturday. the slight asthma is causing a problem as my lungs can't keep up and i'm thinking the breathing struggle could also be contributing to my higher hr too. still hoping it passes - i forced myself off my inhaler almost 2 years ago and haven't needed it yet.

am run: 8 miles, 1:12:10 (9:01 avg pace), avg/max hr (157/178)