Wednesday, October 1, 2008

1000 miles

with today's run done, i've officially ran 1000(+) miles for 2008. had a bit of a slow start to my running consistency earlier this year so hopefully next year i will be able to claim this sooner.

8 easy miles today. i was torn between holding a decent (sub-9:00/mile) pace and keeping my heart rate down. it just didn't want to stay in the 140s or 150s like it's supposed to. sometimes i still wonder if maybe my easy-paced hr should be higher, but then again i don't really see my max being 205+ either. i am no hr expert, one day i will figure out what max hr to go off of... one day. i really can't wait for my 'easy' run paces to be in the (lower) 8's, and even on down from there.

[mile - pace, avg hr]
mile 1 - 9:02, 141
mile 2 - 8:32, 155 *why can't all my easy-paced miles be like this one
mile 3 & 4 - 17:29, 158 *8:45's-ish we'll say
mile 5 - 9:14, 164 *nice hill here, started up it slow to (try to) get my hr down and then said screw it and pushed it up the hill
mile 6 - 9:30, 161 *not sure why this one sucked so much
mile 7 & 8 - 18:11, 159

legs didn't feel crappy like they have been feeling since saturday. the slight asthma is causing a problem as my lungs can't keep up and i'm thinking the breathing struggle could also be contributing to my higher hr too. still hoping it passes - i forced myself off my inhaler almost 2 years ago and haven't needed it yet.

am run: 8 miles, 1:12:10 (9:01 avg pace), avg/max hr (157/178)


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