Friday, October 17, 2008

800s take 2

well i did get up and out the door this morning but i was still "not there" mentally and my legs were absent as well. just wasn't feeling it, and it sucked.

did a 2mile warm up which was ok i guess. i wasn't really into it but i transitioned straight into my 800s anyway (which i did on the street again vs the track). first rep, felt like junk. already having to seriously talk myself into finishing the rep and starting another one. second rep, still felt like junk although my time was fine. talked myself into another. third rep, wanted to quit multiple times within the 1/2 mile. forced myself to finish. talked myself into another. fourth rep, still junk, still wanted to quit. told myself i could quit after it if i still felt crappy at the end since usually after a couple reps my legs, body and mind get used to the flow and pain (of pushing myself) and i start to enjoy it. not the case today. i was miserable.

so i quit. 4x800 instead of 7x800. i'm trying to tell myself it's ok because i did mile repeats on tuesday and maybe i shouldn't be trying to do multiple speed workouts in a week, but that still seems like a pretty lame excuse. then i think, well maybe my body is tired from sunday's 16-miler, but that's a lame excuse too 'cause i don't think i feel tired. man up legs! let's pull it together here.

mile 1 - 9:20, 139
mile 2 - 9:31, 157
1x800 - 3:26, 180
2x800 - 3:11, 180
3x800 - 3:26, 186
4x800 - 3:16, 183
mile 4.25 to 6 - 11:39, 173 *quitter miles, recovery and transition into 'finish-logging-the-miles' run
mile 7 - 9:03, 173
mile 8 - 8:40, 172
mile 8.25 - 1:37, 178

hr wouldn't recover and stuck around in 'tempo' hr zone even though i was clearly not doing a tempo run. i know my 800 times weren't even that bad and i quit because my body/mind was complaining. kinda feel like i should've stuck it out. rar. hopefully i can get back on track next week.

at least it didn't rain i guess.

am run: 8.25 miles, 1:11:27 (8:40 avg pace), avg/max hr (167/194)


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