Wednesday, October 1, 2008


i've decided i'm going to really try to focus on core workouts this month and getting in a routine of actually doing them. i know core strength is important for running, especially now that i am really picking up my mileage and (hopefully) speed.

currently i am inconsistently doing 300 various crunches "3 times" per week. translation: i do 150-300 crunches once/week, occaisionally 2x/week.

so goal #1: 300 crunches (various types) 3x/week

very rarely (as in once every other month), i get in the mood for some planks. when i do them, i typically do 3x1min "regular", and 1x1min on each side.

goal #2: 5x1min planks 1x/week

even more rarely (once a year maybe), i throw in some core-back work. i don't know the street terms for them but i call them cat/camels and superman, and then i also do left arm/right leg alternating thingys that i have no idea what to even try to name them.

long story short, goal #3: stability ball work 2x/week
  • squats (2x15)
  • pushups (2x15)
  • lunges (2x15)
  • sit-ups (2x15)
  • back extension (2x15)
  • oblique twists (2x15)
the stability ball workouts will help strengthen my core (abs and back) as well as my overall balance, which also needs help anyway.

no mid-section photos will be posted unless some catastrophic event occurs and my six-pack actually appears.


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