Sunday, October 19, 2008

afternoon delight

more lovely sleeping in today. it was much needed after a late night at classy karaoke where 'big ray' wearing pleather pants proposed to his girlfriend. what girl doesn't dream of getting engaged at a bar?

so i had a couple beverages last night for the first time in a long time but i wasn't out trying to get tanked or anything. i'm training you know. woke up this morning fine of course (i only had 3 drinks) but my hamstrings are sore from screwing down backerboard at j's house yesterday. i know, i know i should've had better posture and bent my knees more to save my back and hammy's. luckily they're not too sore and today was an easy day.

after a lazy and relaxing morning i met up with the team at milliken. i got in almost 7 miles on the grass/gravel there and then finished up the rest of my miles on pavement at home. i could tell i was low on fuel in the last 3 miles as i felt really weak. my hamstrings did fine, they're just sore.

mile 1 - 11:13, 144 *yeah you try telling high schoolers to just run and not change direction every 3 steps
mile 2 - 8:46, 133
mile 3 - 9:05, 152
mile 4 - 9:20, 146
mile 5 - 9:22, 145
mile 6 - 9:16, 148
mile 7 - 9:00, 152
mile 8 - 8:45, 147
mile 9 - 8:01, 153
mile 10 - 9:19, 155
mile 11 - 9:21, 157
mile 12 - 8:42, 162

it was just an easy 12 miler to get some miles in and build a little endurance. nothing too exciting or worthy of nothing that i can think of. fairly easy week coming up since i'm running a half on saturday.

pm run: 12 miles, 1:50:15 (9:11 avg pace), avg/max hr (150/178)


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