Monday, October 27, 2008

asthma attack

had a pretty bad asthma problem last night from the pet bunny here at my aunt's house. we had to take a midnight trip to cvs for some inhalers, and luckily we were able to call in for a prescription strength one too. i woke up this morning with a sore upper-back and shoulders from coughing and trying to breathe last night.

still struggling to breathe today so took a nice, easy, slow run with some cousins around fairfield university and downtown fairfield. it is a beautiful day with the temps in the low-mid 60's. i can't afford to skip any runs this week because i am hanging out with my filipino side of the family and they love to eat!

mile 1 - 10:23, 132
mile 2 - 10:11, 132
mile 3 - 11:05, 130
mile 4 - 10:06, 137
mile 5 - 10:00, 144
mile 5.4 - 3:48, 148

not the best splits, but my hr was too high for the slower pace. i can definitely tell the effect my constricted lungs have on my hr. it was tough to breathe even at the slow pace, so i was grateful to have the company and the slower pace to help take my mind off my (lack of) breathing. i may very well take this whole week easy while i'm up here and just get my runs in but still take it easy on the lungs.

pm run: 5.4 miles, 55:45 (10:19 avg pace), avg/max hr (136/180)


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