Friday, October 24, 2008

back to the beaten path

the rain held off (for the most part) this morning and kt and i got in our 6 miles on the road we used to train on everyday back in '06-'07. i pretty much quit running there when she moved which probably worked out for the better since another girl was sexually assaulted while running there last fall. it did start raining a bit miles 3-5 but at least it didn't pour. i've been extremely wimpy about the cooler temps (which are only in the low-mid 50's) and wore long sleeves plus a jacket this morning even though i knew the jacket would be coming off in the first mile. it was good to get out and run in the "cold" and remind myself that i can, in fact, handle it.

the splits are off today because at times we were too busy catching up on life for me to check my watch. no biggie.

mile 1 - 8:29, 143
mile 2 - 8:27, 158
mile 3.15 - 9:40, 163
mile 4 - 7:39, 164 *only .85 of a mile
miles 5 to 6.3 - 18:56, 163

hr was a little higher than i probably would have liked for it to be today but i don't think i over exerted myself too much and should have enough in the tank for tomorrow. i've done a pretty good job of talking myself into using it as a training run at goal marathon pace and not pushing it (and ending up sick or hurt).

am run: 6.3 miles, 53:41 (8:31 avg pace), avg/max hr (159/177)


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