Saturday, October 4, 2008

construction workers

got oogled by some classy construction workers this morning, but only for the first 3+ miles. first there were some road workers out pushing dirt around on the side of the road (i think they are widening it and *maybe putting in a sidewalk* which would be awesome). i waved and said good morning to be polite. one of the guys on his big dirt-pushing machine put it in reverse next to me and i thought he was warning others about the wide load approaching. then i turned into a neighborhood and one of the houses was being re-roofed. it's a little obvious when you hear 4-5 people working on a roof and using their nail gun thingys and then all of a sudden, silence. none of those nail guns are being used. c'mon guys, grow up. kinda wish one of them accidentally nail gunned another or fell off the roof or something. at least it'd be humorous. i mean i'm not even hot.

anyway, my shorter-long run of the week was an easy 7.3 instead of marathon pace because i was sick as a dog yesterday and i wanted/needed to run but didn't want to get sicker. felt ok when i got up this morning (haven't sneezed yet once today!) so i decided to run. my asthma wasn't bothering me at all which was kind of weird, i thought it'd be the worst today considering, but i'm alright with that. my heartrate was not cooperating, and i am wondering if it's because my body is still trying to fight off this cold because i never felt like i was pushing it throughout the run.

[mile - pace, avg hr]
mile 1 - 8:17, 144 *that's what i'm talkin about!
mile 2 - 8:50, 164
mile 3 - 8:38, 166
mile 4 - 8:52, 160
mile 5 - 9:45, 167 *wtf?
mile 6 - 9:21, 164
mile 7 - 9:43, 170 *more wtf?
mile 7.3 - 2:52, 171

i'd like to hold a sub-9 pace like the first 4 miles were, but within the 150 hr range. in mile 5 my hr was trying to creep into the 170s so i was slowing down to try to hold it back, plus there were some good-sized uphills to contend with. i think after that i just couldn't recover my hr even though i tried to hold the pace back for the remainder of the run. although my hr was considerably higher than preferred, i'm gonna chalk it up to my sickness 'cause the run still felt easy/comfortable.

started to do yoga but never really got into it, only did 20min instead of 1hr25. however, i did get in a 2nd ab workout for the week, 300 crunches and 5x1min planks.

am run: 7.3 miles, 1:06:22 (9:05 avg pace), avg/max hr (163/180)


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