Saturday, October 11, 2008

furman 5k

i suck.

ran a true cross-country 5k this morning at furman university. the course was cool and all but there's a reason you run golf-course hills for torturous training and not (typically) in a race. well furman's course is also their golf course, so yippi for big hills in a race.

as usual, i started out way too fast. well, it should've been a manageable pace but it was a hard course and my mile splits worsened dramatically, so obviously i went out too fast. my goals were to pr and ultimately run a sub-21. (current pr, 21:27) well i didn't pr, and i am extremely disappointed. i don't know if i should feed myself excuses like "well it was a tough course" and "you ran in flats, not spikes", etc etc. my mile splits were terrible, i felt awful (seriously wanted to drop out in the 2nd mile, how pathetic), and i was slower than my pr by 8 seconds. ah yes, and i got passed by an 8-year old at the finish.

5k race:
[mile - pace, avg hr]
mile 1 - 6:40, 185
mile 2 - 6:52, 194
mile 3 - 7:26, 198
mile 3.1 - 0:41, 200

as today is my shorter-long run day (8mi) i also got in 2+ miles of warm up and a delayed recovery 3 mile run since i didn't go for a cooldown jog immediately after the race. of course the cooldown was the original plan but i didnt feel like doing much of anything once i finished. i got a blister on my right heel and my right calf is cramping immensely - i can barely walk right now. i know, that's my own fault for not cooling down or stretching very well.

my foot did ok. it hurt decently after i finished but was alright - could be masked by my lovely calf pain though. my foot also hurt when i went out for my 3 mi recovery run, pretty bad during the first mile but ok for the most part once i got through that mile.

i have two speed workouts scheduled for this coming week and you better believe i will be kicking my own ass in them as punishment.

am run: 2.25mi warmup, 5k race (21:35), 3mi recovery jog
avg/max hr for 5k (194/202)


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