Sunday, October 12, 2008

goofy training week 5

recap of training week 5 (10/06-10/12):
[day - mileage, time, avg hr]
mon - 5.1 easy, 45:22, 158
tue - 7 tempo (4mi), 58:15, 166
wed - 8 easy, 1:11:26, 151
thu - 7.3 easy, 1:02:33, 155
fri - off
sat - 5.4 easy (52:28) + 5k race (21:35), 175
sun - 16 easy, 2:21:24, 152

mileage total - 51.9 *new record high, for now!

abs: 600 crunches, 2 days of ball work, 5x1min planks

i'm starting to try and talk myself into running the upcoming half as a training run. i definitely don't think i am ready to try and push the pace too much and cut down on my half-pr. i don't want to go out, run too hard, and get sick or injured as a result of it. i have lofty goals for the half-marathon and i want/need to be fully trained when i toe the line to truly take a shot at them. plus, i am planning on running the atlanta marathon in late november, so sickness/injury would not be too helpful right now. anyway, so i'm starting to get it in my hard-headed brain that it will be a marathon-pace practice run at most and hopefully in two weeks i will have talked myself into it.

as far as this week's training goes - right foot was so-so all week along and then gave more pain on the weekend. calves are super tight after saturday's 5k on the hills and grass, but they don't hurt at all while running - just get really stiff from being inactive.


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