Thursday, October 2, 2008

just some more 800s

it's getting cooler out. a cool 49 degrees this morning when i headed out for my run. i toughened up and did not put on long-sleeves, telling myself i would warm up quickly. i always forget my temperature tolerances by the time the cooler weather comes back around. can never remember what my short- vs. long- sleeved threshold is. oh well.

fast 6 miles this morning. well, slow 2-mile warm up, fast 3, slow 1-mile cool down really. had 6x800 on the schedule which i ran on the streets again. the first rep was supposedly way slow. i know it was a little uncomfortable, but the first rep usually feels harder while your body adjusts to the quicker pace. i think i might not have stopped my watch in the few seconds between my warm up miles and the first set, and that's where the extra time came from. but, i can't remember so i'll suck it up and claim the less-than-desirable time.

2mile warm up - 18:48, 139
1x800 - 3:41, 170
2x800 - 3:11, 170
3x800 - 3:17, 174
4x800 - 3:08, 155
5x800 - 3:18, 179
6x800 - 3:10, 175
1mile cool down - 9:34, 163

the 4th rep i had more operator error and forgot to start a new split when i started the 800 so it was combined with the previous rest period, hence the way lower avg hr. the 5th rep felt like death (i also had to take a pit stop immediately after it), but the 6th rep felt great (probably because of the 5min break i had for bathroom purposes).

as evident in today's splits, i still need to work on pacing and keeping it constant... a lot. i know my mind was more focused on surviving and keeping my lungs breathing (still having asthma troubles) than whether or not my pace as consistent. really need to work on that.

in non-running news, i successfully completed 1 core workout for the week after my run this morning. 300 crunches and a session of 'ball work'.

am run: 6 miles, 49:16 (8:13 avg pace), avg/max hr (153/190)


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