Monday, October 6, 2008

the m&m diet

i really need to give up m&m's, again. i've polished off an entire "medium" and "tear 'n share" sized bags in 2 days (minus the blues, i don't eat the blue ones). coulda done it sooner but i made myself stop and save some for today. felt like blubber running today, blub blub blub.

didn't run til after work today, and after all the m&m consumption i thought it'd really bog me down. somehow, i turned out probably my most consistent run in a long while (maybe i should stick to this diet...) went out to oak grove "lake" to run 5 easy in the afternoon sun, which was surprisingly cool-feeling for 80 degrees.

[mile - pace, avg hr]

mile 1 - 8:39, 157
mile 2 - 8:40, 153
mile 3 - 8:39, 158
mile 4 - 9:29, 160 *???
mile 5 - 8:39, 161

im pretty proud of myself, with the exception of mile 4 of course. not sure what happened there. hr could've been lower but never felt labored or tired so i'm ok with it. also got in another ab workout - 300 crunches and ball work.

pm run: 5.1 miles, 45:22 (avg 8:54 pace), avg/max hr (158/177)


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