Tuesday, October 14, 2008

miles and miles

6xmile today became 5xmile and i think one of those was really 1.25 but whatever.

because i've had no luck with the middle school track lane-hogging walkers, i headed over to a nearby high school track for today's mile repeats. did a mile warm-up and immediately started my repeats with a 400 recovery in between. i think i lost count in the 2nd repeat and ran more than 4 laps because that split was awful.

there was another guy out doing some speed work and we caught up to each other and chatted a little about running. while i really wanted to work hard in this workout and punish myself for saturday's (crappy) performance, i also really love talking about running to anyone who will actually listen so i cut into my workout a little and hence only 5 repeats tonight. it threw me off my groove a little but overall my times were better than previously. speed guy also gave some nice compliments about my "smooth, fast running" and who wouldn't want run and chat and hear more nice things.

[rep - pace, avg hr]
1xmile - 6:45, 178
2xmile - 8:54, 168 (lost count of laps here i think)
3xmile - 6:48, 181
4xmile - 6:35, 183
5xmile - 7:01, 178

throw in a couple miles for warm-up, recovery laps, and cool-down and i got in a little over 8 miles today. not too bad i guess but it was supposed to be more.

in previous repeat days my first mile is down in the 6:30s and then they drop back to 6:50s/7:00s, so i consider today to be slightly better. i know my mind wasn't too focused on pace and that hurt me a little.

pm run: 8.4 miles, 1:08:58 (8:12 avg pace), avg/max hr (165/192)


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