Monday, October 20, 2008

mmm bushes

when you really have to pee the clusters of bushes and trees in a very populated neighborhood are the devil. they just laugh at you as you run by with your burstingly-full bladder begging to be relieved. tonight was such the case for me as i strongly needed to go shortly into my run. thankfully, i made it about 3.5 miles to the "wooded" section which it's still probably not legal but at least it wasn't someone's yard. felt sooo much better after.

anyway... once again did not get up this morning! notice a trend? it was especially nice once i did get up and saw it was about 38 degrees out at 7am. i am not quite ready to don my tights again. so after punching the clock i got my easy, 5-mile recovery run in. my left hamstring is still sore/tight but i think the slow, easy run was good for it. my right calf got a little tight just shy of 2-miles in but loosened back up and wasn't a problem.

mile 1 - 9:03, 138
mile 2 - 9:22, 134
mile 3 - 9:07, 137
mile 4 - 9:22, 142
mile 5 - 9:02, 142

so just a slow, super easy run with nice, low heart rates. i'm not too sure why i fluctuated in my splits so rhythmically but oh well.

pm run: 5.15 miles, 47:20 (9:11 avg pace), avg/max hr (139/179)


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