Tuesday, October 7, 2008

morning tempo

7mi run this morning with 4mi tempo. felt easier than last week and i even kind of enjoyed pushing the pace some (aka didn't feel like crap).

my right foot was bothering me slightly the whole time (and yesterday too) but got a little worse 5-6 miles in. i tied that shoe looser today and yesterday, but it's still been hurting. i'm still hoping it's from tight shoes and just a little bruised/sore from sunday's 13-miler. i'm icing it and trying to stay off of it as much as possible. it's feeling better now that the whole day has passed.

[mile - pace, avg hr]
mile 1 - 9:38, 143
mile 2 - 9:20, 151
mile 3 - 7:45, 168
mile 4 - 7:38, 172
mile 5 - 7:48, 179
mile 6 - 7:17, 185
mile 7 - 8:36, 174

my goal pace for tempo runs is 7:41 / target hr 174-184, so i'm pretty thrilled that i was a lot closer to these numbers than before. i can tell i'm getting a little faster and that the pace is a little more comfortable (but not much). i felt tired at the end of mile 5 and considered slowing down for the last 2 miles, but i pressed on, telling myself it'd be good to do the tempo distance longer than this weekend's race distance (5k). mile 6 had a big hill which i started to feel fatigued during and thought it would reflect in my time, but apparently i banged out my fastest mile for the day there.

should be smooth sailing to the weekend as long as my foot holds up - easy runs tomorrow and thursday to rest up for saturday's 5k, gotta beat my 21:27. i figure since i will be pushing the pace there i can slide on this week's 800s.

am run: 7miles, 58:15, avg pace/tempo pace (8:19/7:37), avg/max hr (166/192)


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