Sunday, October 5, 2008


i hate trying to think of titles for posts.

longer-long run of the weekend this morning with j tagging along on his bike as usual. had he not come i probably would have turned around at about 1 mile and called it a day; i was not feeling it in the beginning. luckily, he was there to push me, and i survived.

the top of my right foot (big toe side) hurt more than usual today even after a stop to loosen my laces (which has worked in the past it seems). it's still a little sore now even, almost 7 hours later, although i have been on my feet all day too. so i'm hoping after some rest it'll be good to go again.

since i took yesterday easy i planned on throwing some tempo/marathon pace miles in to today's run. i started with 4 miles easy and then picked up the pace (target hr 174-184). well about .6 miles into my first 'tempo'/pace mile my left shoe came untied so i finished out that mile (which was all uphill) and then stopped to tie my shoe. starting up again i decided i'd take the next mile easy since i was so rudely interrupted by my shoe. mile 6 was easy, and then picked it up again. mile 7 was no big deal but mile 8 was uphill again (wtf) and wore me out. stopped again for some propel and water, and took mile 9 easy. then i decided i'd just do a comfortable-hard effort for the rest of the run as i was starting to feel tired. guess i wasn't feeling that tired because mile 10 was my fastest for the day. finished the last 3 miles at my made-up "comfortable-hard" pace, and i could feel my back muscles starting to get really tired and sore.

i would have liked to have gotten a solid chunk of the middle miles at tempo/pace, and it's annoying me that my times are so up/down/up/down because i didn't. oh well, i guess i'll just be glad i still pushed myself, got a few semi-decent miles in, held my easy hr range in the beginning, and completed the run without dying.

[mile - pace, avg hr]
mile 1 - 9:36, 140
mile 2 - 8:45, 154
mile 3 - 8:56, 154
mile 4 - 9:04, 154
mile 5 - 8:18, 178 *uphill but at least i pushed the pace
mile 6 - 8:53, 168
mile 7 - 7:57, 175
mile 8 - 7:56, 183
mile 9 - 8:50, 170
mile 10 - 7:18, 174
mile 11 - 8:24, 172
mile 12 - 8:05, 182
mile 13 - 8:24, 174
mile 13.1 - 0:45, 179

i've got a half marathon race coming up in about 3 weeks and i wanted to see how i did in today's training run compared to my current pr (1:40). i was about 11 minutes slower and i'm not quite sure yet how i will interpret that.

am run: 13.1 miles, 1:51:18 (8:29 avg pace), avg/max hr (168/190)


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