Sunday, November 30, 2008

goofy training week 12

recap of training week 12 (11/24-11/30):
[day - mileage, time, avg hr]
mon - 3 easy, 26:50, 145
tue - 3.1 easy, 27:45, 163
wed - off (skipped the 2 easy)
thu - 26.2 race, 3:39:24, 169
fri - off (but went hiking)
sat - 3.8 easy, 47:16, 129
sun - off (yoga & abs, skipped the 5 easy)

mileage total - 36.10

it was a bad week mileage wise but i was intentionally pulling back for the atlanta marathon. i haven't taken 3 days off in a week since august. post-marathon, i was sore and stiff all day friday and saturday. sunday i could still feel a hint of soreness in my quads, and i figured it would be best to take the day off, plus it was cold and pouring rain. i hiked friday and 'ran' saturday, and would like to resume normal training monday. as much as i wanted to run sunday i knew i probably shouldn't. i'll cut myself a little slack and get some rest to finish out training for goofy. atlanta was supposed to just be "another long training run" and i'm glad i finished it injury free and am recovering quickly.

atlanta marathon photos

the weather channel atlanta marathon
november 27, 2008

[photos by my #1 spectator]

arriving to the start/finish with 10 minutes to spare

the start of the race

around mile 6 (i think)

around mile 16
(#34 is the dude i hung with for the rest of the race)

finishing at last

my legs were hurting a little

but i earned my ticket to boston

thanking my legs for holding it together
(this is the best idea ever)

Saturday, November 29, 2008

atlanta marathon recovery

after thursday's race and tons of eating, i woke up friday morning with some pretty stiff legs. i wasn't in pain, my legs were just sore and stiff.

the fam, jess, j and i went hiking at table rock friday. nothing like hauling yourself up a 1,000ft ascent (we only made it halfway) the day after a marathon. going up was tough, but going down was harder. my quads and shins were not a fan of the trip down.

j & me halfway up the mountain

today (saturday) i woke up with stiff and sore legs again, and laid around in bed all morning. j went to the gym and then came over to make me breakfast in bed. he left to go work on his house and i eventually got up to go for my "run". i was sore but started to loosen up slightly as i moved around the house getting dressed to run. i knew it'd be slow and i just wanted to churn my legs a little bit, hopefully to help them recover quickly. brilliant me is clearly planning on feeling fresh again soon as i have a 15-mile long run scheduled for next weekend. hah. right.

today's run was slow and i could feel the soreness in my legs, especially my quads on the downhills. i kept it slow, kept a low hr, and felt pretty comfortable the whole time. it felt weird to get into a running stride though, as it usually does after a long race, but it was nice to be able to run without any aches or pains - especially 2 days after a marathon. i got back to the house and stopped my nike+ and hr monitor. as soon as my hrm beeped from being stopped i realized what i had done. a big ol' crapola. i forgot to record my splits from the marathon thursday and now they are gone, overwritten by my slow, recovery 3.8 mile run. i have become a running-data nerd and i am so mad at myself! i need to get off the computer and stretch out a little, and i'll probably/hopefully be soaking in the hot tub later this afternoon. i am also looking to 'reward' myself for my pr/bq with a massage sometime this week.

friday am hike: 3.6 miles, 3 hours or so
saturday pm run: 3.8 miles, 47:16 (12:26 avg pace), avg/max hr (129/152)

the weather channel atlanta marathon race recap

the oldest marathon in the southeast and one of the ten oldest in the country, the weather channel atlanta marathon on thanksgiving day is also the only u.s. marathon run on an olympic course - approximately 90% of the course is the same as that run by the world's best at the atlanta games in 1996. runners pass under the olympic rings on their way to the finish line, an exhilarating end to a challenging event.

- race website
wednesday, november 26
i worked most of the day but headed out early to try to make it down to atl in time for the expo (closed at 8pm); i didn't want to risk missing packet pick-up and be unable to run. j and i left around 4:15pm, and screeched into the hotel at 7:52pm or so. our 2-2.5 hour drive had become 3.5 hours (traffic was terrible!), but thankfully we just made it. i rushed through the pick-up, pretty much ignoring the expo since most of the vendors were packing up anyway, and headed to our hotel while trying to find somewhere to eat dinner.

my previous best-marathon was run off of a healthy chicken sandwich from mcdonald's (south bend, indiana '07) - i did that race solo and did not know how to get around up there, but found a mcd's near the hotel. since then, i've never been concerned about carbo-loading the night before, which made dinner for this race easy. there are no drive-thrus in downtown atlanta of course, so we ordered food at our hotel. i got a chicken panini and j got some sort of turkey sandwich, and we ended up trading because i didn't really like mine.

we got up to the room and i started getting my clothes ready for the morning. somehow i had managed to forget my long sleeved under armor shirt that i was going to wear under my short sleeves! ahh the panic. the race shirt was a decent, long sleeved, brooks technical shirt, but come on... huge cardinal sin to wear the race shirt during the race! it was supposed to be about 37 degrees in the morning and i knew i would not be comfortable in just a t-shirt and shorts. both j and jess (via text message) told me i should wear the race shirt and not worry about being a dork. i knew they were right but i went to bed hoping it would miraculously be warm enough in the morning to not need it.

thursday, november 27 - race day
well the weather was perfect for a marathon. it started out around 37 (so i did break down and wear the race shirt for warmth), but warmed up into the 50s during the race. it was sunny with a little breeze, and i got a nice tan line from my shorts.

i figured the roads would be closed and we wouldn't be able to drive down to turner field to park near the start/finish lines, and since we needed to get on the road asap afterwards, i didn't know if we'd be able to get out right away. i read online that one of the marta stations up the road was a 15-20 minute walk to the start, and our hotel was 2 blocks up from that station, so i figured no big deal, we can walk it.

yeah great idea. it turned out to be two miles. i had to walk 2 miles before i ran 26(.2). of course this also means i walked 2 more miles after i ran... i'm sure you can imagine how great that felt. i think those two miles back to the car were worse than the whole marathon. my legs hurt so bad and i was crying half the time. j tried to carry me for a little bit but that hurt too. i think he ended up holding my weight up for me while we walked back. oh yeah, and it turns out we would've been fine parking at the start/finish area.....

the race
after the 2-mile warm up walk we got to the start line like 10 min before the race was going to start. perfect timing. i rushed into a port-a-potty and then back to the start line. took a few quick pics, gave j my sweatpants, and hopped in the back of the line. there were only about 1,000 people signed up for the full marathon so it was "seed yourself". i didn't want to start out too fast and i figured having more people to pass isn't a bad thing so i started pretty far back in line. i never heard a gun or announcement or anything but people started shuffling forward and the race had begun.

ultimately i wanted to run an 8min/mile pace, but i was aiming for 8:23/mile to get a bq. i started out trying to hold a good pace but not too fast - i wanted to leave something for the last 10k. i was feeling pretty good pace wise for the first 16 miles, but i could tell it was becoming harder to maintain. i thought i'd done a decent job holding back during the first half and i'd be able to run negative splits (probably for the first time in my life), but i was starting to realize i was getting tired. i wanted to throw the hammer down at mile 20, but there just was no hammer to throw.

i ran the last 8 miles or so with a guy who was wearing a huge fleece and some adidas pants (i don't know how he wasn't burning up), but he was holding a good pace. i pushed myself to keep up with him because i knew i would likely slow down significantly if i didn't have anyone nearby to run with. i pulled away from him for good between miles 25-26 when i turned on my kick and i didn't see him after the finish so i never got to tell him thanks. the last few miles were significantly slower, all around 8:40ish, but i held on for a bq.

j was, once again, a great spectator. he took the train to various stops and gave me water/gu and ran along side me at a few different spots (miles 6, 10, and 16 i think). unfortunately there weren't any stops in the last 10 miles that he could take and get back to the finish in time so those miles were tough, but it was nice to know he'd be there waiting.

aches and pains
i had side-stiches a few times in the first 5 miles, mostly on the downhills. i slowed down a tad but forced myself to run through them and luckily they went away. annoying though. i got one again around mile 20 or 21 on another long downhill and for the first time in my life i thought "man i hope this downhill ends soon".

at mile 8-ish the bottom of my right foot began feeling sore and having a burning sensation. it wasn't anything too bad but i was afraid i was going have an enormous blister on the bottom of my foot. turns out the bottom is fine, but my right pinky toe got it's share of rubbing and doubled in size thanks to a sweet blister.

around mile 11/12 i started having a pain on the inside of my left leg down by my ankle. i've never hurt there before, and it was hurting pretty good. i was actually thinking semi-logically and told myself if it was still hurting when i saw j again around mile 16 i would drop out. this wasn't my goal race and i didn't want an injury jeopardizing the upcoming goofy challenge. whatever it was, it went away within the next mile and i was relieved. i didn't really want to quit.

i never really hit the wall, i think anyway. if i did it sure wasn't as bad as the myrtle beach marathon ('06, my first). maybe i was a little tougher mentally this time. my legs were getting really tired and started to get that ache-all-over sensation around mile 18, but i kept pressing on. i knew i had been slightly ahead of bq pace the whole race and i didn't want to lose all my hard work in the last few miles.

while i felt a little dorky running in the race shirt, there were lots of other people breaking this 'rule' too and it didn't bother me too much if people thought i was a dork. i was comfortable and, oh yeah, i bq'd. there were a few other interesting clothing choices i noticed...

at the start line were two ladies getting ready to run together, i assume anyway because they matched. they were wearing pink sweatpants and light gray sweatshirts. i'm hoping those were just their warm layers they were going to toss because i can't imagine running in true-sweatpant/shirt material for even 1 mile. talk about hot.

early on the race, can't remember when exactly, i saw a lady running in socks and teva-like sandals. i can't imagine any kind of sandals being good to run in? i don't even want to know what kinds of blisters she got.

these folks weren't wearing abnormal clothing but just after 13 miles i came up on a couple running doing the death-march together. i have a thing about people and their irky habits while running and this couple's stomping feet is one of them. i had to pick it up for a bit to get away from the noise.

post race
once i finally hobbled the two-miles back to the car, i immediately popped some ibuprofens and waited anxiously for them to kick in. they did a pretty good job and j and i enjoyed double thanksgiving dinners at his house and mine. it sure was nice to eat like michael phelps for a day!

5th out of 23 age group finishers (20-24)
20th out of 178 female finishers
169th out of 730 total finishers

3:39:24 - boston qualifier!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

challenging my limits

racing is pain, and that's why you do it, to challenge the limits of your physical and mental barriers. you don't experience that in an armchair watching television.

- mark allen

i got a bad foot cramp in my right foot in the middle of the night last night, so when my alarm went off at 6am for my grueling 2 mile run i ignored it. well that and the fact that my bed was nice and warm, and the temp outside was a brisk 28 or so. i'm not sure if i'll do the run once i get to atlanta or if i'll just chill out and get ready for the morning. i am, of course, leaning heavily towards skipping it.

i went by one of the local running stores (run in) during lunch to get some gu for the race and left with a new pair of saucony grid a2's as well. they were on sale ($30 off) and my current pair already has about 300 miles on them so i couldn't resist.

today has been a busy but easy day at work, and i am enjoying a slightly higher calorie count day than normal. the night before i ran the south bend, in marathon (my current pr) i ate a chicken sandwich from mcdonald's. so i won't be eating pasta for dinner tonight either. i'm thinking i can pr again off another happy meal, and why mess with a good thing. plus maybe ol' ronald will want me to be the next jared. :)

summary of training - atlanta marathon

i was never training specifically for the atlanta marathon, but decided to throw it in my training plan to "ensure i got in another 20+ mile run for the goofy challenge" (jan '09). although it is just supposed to be a training run, i'm still aiming to run at goal pace. (plus i have to run fast in order to make it home in time for thanksgiving dinner!)

this is a summary of my training from august up until the atlanta marathon (11/27/08) --

# of runs - 105 (usually 6 runs/week)

miles - 710

average mpw - 44.03

highest weekly mileage - 58

percentage of solo runs - 87.62%

runs missed due to injuries/sickness - 1 (due to asthma), *no injuries!* :)

# runs of 13 miles or more - 7

hours of running - 104

average pace - 8:44

races - 3 (bmw 2-mile, furman 5k, spinx half)

pr's - 1 (bmw)

speedwork - 14 workouts (4 mile repeats, 10 800 repeats), avg pace 6:47

tempo runs - 15 runs, ~70 miles, avg pace 7:51

hills - 0 workouts, although considered doing them a few times if that counts

other workouts:
bike - commuted to work 8 times in august/early september (95.1 miles)
yoga - 12 times (7hrs 24min)
abs - 29 times (crunches/planks/ball work)
pushups - 417 (in aug/sep)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

mid-day three

since my mileage is so low for part of this week i can treat myself to running during lunch. today was another short and easy 3 miles, and i was definitely hungry by the time i got back home!

nothing special about the run although my hr was unusually high. it certainly didn't feel like i was exerting that much effort but it kept reading 174 or so. i drink any water all morning (i know, a running cardinal sin) and only ate a packet of oatmeal for breakfast, so i'm not sure if my lack of nutrition contributed to the high hr.

i'm getting a little nervous about the race - mostly over having to pr by 30 minutes in order to make it to thanksgiving dinner #1 on time. you better believe i will be eating multiple dinners post-race on thursday!

going to see the chiropractor after work to get one last adjustment in before the marathon, and then it's just a 2-mile run, a 2-hour drive, and a few hours of sleep before the marathon.

am run: 3.1 miles, 27:45 (8:57 avg pace), avg/max hr (163/195)

Monday, November 24, 2008

big, cold raindrops

i'm in my offical 3-day taper for the atlanta marathon, woo hoo. while i miss running "real" miles, it's kind of nice to have some very short and very easy days. until thursday of course.

today's big mileage = 3 easy. i didn't get up this morning to run and i didn't run at lunch, and of course, it starts raining around 1:00pm. go figure. when i left work at 5:30 it wasn't really raining at all, but of course 15 minutes later when i hop out of the car to start running, it's raining... and raining pretty good... and it's 45 degrees which is a little chilly when combined with pouring rain. i managed to get in all 3 miles and thankfully never got too chilled, as i was also unprepared in the clothing department. let's hope my brilliant running-in-the-cold-rain doesn't translate into a cold this week.

pm run: 3 miles, 26:50 (8:57 avg pace), avg/max hr (145/161)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

goofy training week 11

recap of training week 11 (11/17-11/23):
[day - mileage, time, avg hr]
mon - 5.3 easy, 52:09, 137
tue - 6 tempo, 47:25, 167
wed - 7.1 easy, 1:03:29, 145
thu - 8 easy, 1:12:47, 145
fri - off
sat - 7 (4 @ pace), 59:09, 174
sun - 8 easy, 1:15:08, 151

mileage total - 41.40

yeah this 41 mile week was a "cutback"/"taper" week for the atlanta marathon next thursday (thanksgiving). not much of a taper but a cutback for the most part from 55 mile weeks i suppose. i had aimed to get in 3 days of ab work this week but i only got in 2 - better than the usual 0.

leaves - 2, me - 0

after yesterday's run i tackled the fallen leaves again, and of course i am once again so sore the morning after. i know i really need to hit the gym and do some upper body exercises to balance out all my running and help make me a stronger runner... but i just haven't.

my back (mostly upper) was sore this morning when i woke up and made for a less-than-pleasant 8 mile run. lucky for me j had 8 miles on his schedule today too so i got to run with him for real this time. we ran a hilly but easy-paced 8 miles, and if he hadn't been there to push me along i might've stopped to walk a little. (i can be so lazy!)

i miss not having any long runs this week but i am looking forward to atlanta and hoping i will do well. i have to do well because thanksgiving dinner #1 is supposed to be around 1pm, which we will just barely make if i run a 30 minute marathon pr. so... forgive me if i'm not feeling too confident about miraculously running a pr by that much. while i haven't had a "full" training term for this race i've been very consistent for 16 weeks, with 8 of those weeks at 45+ miles. i've gotten in more long runs and longer-long runs than ever before (although i still think it could've been better), and i'm hoping that will result in at least some minutes shaved off of my current 3:56 marathon pr.

am run: 8 miles, 1:15:08 (9:23 avg pace), avg/max hr (151/187)

Saturday, November 22, 2008


i woke up this morning with a bit of a headache that just wouldn't go away until i was about 6 miles into my 7 mile run. go figure.

my run today was alright, a little chilly (35 deg) which made it hard to breathe for awhile until my body warmed up, but i was pleased with my time and effort. my long runs this weekend are not really long at all since i am saving up for thursday and the atlanta marathon. i did 4 miles "at goal pace" but they were actually faster than goal pace, and then ran the last 3 miles comfortably.

mile 1 - 7:59, 146
mile 2 - 8:08, 186
mile 3 - 7:56, 179
mile 4 - 7:49, 179
miles 5-7 - 26:38, 176

i was treated to a traffic-free mile or so in the 2nd half of my run 'cause the road was blocked off with "emergency scene ahead" signs. well i'm pretty nosy and i figured since i'm just running i can easily move out of the way, so i uh, ignored the signs and kept going.

for a minute i started thinking about what it could be, and psyched myself out a little thinking maybe there was an escaped convict on the loose and i was going to get shot. yeah ok. so i'm not the most logical thinker... the road i was running on is lined with white fencing, horses, cows and gated neighborhoods. the nearest jail is like 20-30 miles away. i pushed that great little thought out of my mind and kept going, plus i didn't want to turn around and go back up the big hill i'd just come down.

after a few minutes i could finally see this "emergency scene". a power line pole had somehow snapped and landed in the middle of the road (still standing on it's now-shortened pole). i was a little disappointed that it wasn't too exciting, but at least no one was hurt and there were no convicts shooting at me. the power company had their trucks all over the road so i hopped the fence into the gated neighborhood and ran through that for a bit before getting back on my regular route.

am run: 7 miles, 59:09 (8:27 avg pace), avg/max hr (174/203)

Friday, November 21, 2008

every day and every night

for me, winning isn't something that happens suddenly on the field when the whistle blows and the crowds roar. winning is something that builds physically and mentally every day that you train and every night that you dream.

- emmitt smith

Thursday, November 20, 2008

going the extra mile

once i got over an initial blah and blubbery feeling, i had a great little easy run tonight - felt like i could go forever. i changed my 7 mile run into an 8 mile run and wanted to do at least 9, but i'm only a week away from atlanta and i figured i should conserve a little energy.

we had our thanksgiving lunch today at work and while i didn't eat nearly as much as everyone else (2 heaping platefuls to my 1 normal-portioned plate), i was still stuffed alllll day. j and i both had 7 miles on our schedules and i was looking forward to running with some company (and i can't turn down more time with j). unfortunately his side-stitch was acting up and making him grouchy and i didn't get the impression he wanted to run with me in the first place. he got frustrated at himself and told me to just run alone, so i put my head down and went to do my run alone.

i was a little disappointed for the first two miles and it was hard to "get into" the run. i ended up changing my route which helped and eventually i found my groove. as with last night, it was an easy and fairly quick-paced run for trying to hold a 150hr. once again running helped me pound out some stress and put me in a better mood. it felt good and was very refreshing. i was also glad that it was a good run because i was feeling rather blob-like after that delicious but not-so-healthy lunch today. it's not very often that i do extra mileage and am still yearning for more.

pm run: 8 miles, 1:12:47 (9:05 avg pace), avg/max hr (145/168)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

time to get serious

gibtown runner had a great point today about getting serious about his workouts (particular working the abs) if he was really going to shave 18 minutes off his half-marathon time. i, too, have some pr goals in mind as well as a goal to do ab work more consistently. as all runners know, a strong core leads to a stronger body, better running form, and faster splits.

it really is (beyond) time for me to get serious. in addition to my running goals, i'd like to get a stronger core, do yoga a couple times a week regularly, and get serious about my diet. i've been watching my caloric intake daily since august, but i've eaten a lot of "junk"/snack food in there instead of foods that are better for me. i have a mouthful of sweet teeth so i'm not even going to try to cut out m&m's and such completely, but i am going to try to limit my "treats" much more.

last night i actually slept through the whole night! i woke up this morning and the first thing i thought was "whoa, i didn't wake up at 3 or 4" so maybe i'm finally over all that silly waking-up-in-the-middle-of-the-night business.

i went out for my easy 7-mile run after work and thoroughly enjoyed it. my hrm was being wacky and said that my hr in the first quarter mile (which is flat and downhill) was 175-180. once it seemed to be reading more realistic hr's, i felt like i was cruising along easily. i periodically glanced down and it would either say ~137 (and i'd pick up the pace a little) or ~144 (and i'd think man this feels like a faster pace than normal for a 150 hr). i had no trouble keeping it at a 150 hr or lower and never felt like i had to pull back to get my hr to drop. these are the kinds of easy runs i like - easy pace but feel fast.

post-run i unrolled my yoga mat and stretched for a few minutes (shocker) and did some abs (300 various crunches, 45 back extensions).

pm run: 7.1 miles, 1:03:29 (8:56 avg pace), avg/max hr (145/181)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

breaking down and breaking out

the under armor!

i watched the temperature all day at work. it rose slightly around noon and then went right on back down soon thereafter. i don't think it ever broke 40... oh goody. i know last year my tight-donning threshold was 40 degrees and i just did not want to admit it was time to pull them out again. at a balmy 37 degrees i knew it was time. i am really not a fan of the cold, so i broke out the tights, a fitted/compression long-sleeved shirt, and a beanie cap. (dear under armor, i wear you from head to toe (ankle), if you'd like to send some free goodies i would be ok with that.)

tonight's run was a 6-mile tempo run. i thought it went well considering the much cooler-than-i'm-used-to temps and the fact that chilly temperatures are more successful at aggravating my asthma.

mile 1 - 8:13, 158
mile 2 - 8:08, 159
mile 3 - 7:44, 170
mile 4 - 7:45, 172
mile 5 - 7:46, 171
mile 6 - 7:47, 175

my tempo heartrate should be higher (174-184) but i felt like i was pushing myself so i'm not worrying about it too much. according to my hrm, my max hr today was 209. i don't know that i will adjust my training ranges (currently set based on a max hr of 201, the max reading from the bmw 2-mile race back in september) because i don't know if today was a fluke or what.

in the sleeping department, i went to bed around 8:30pm last night as j went on a much needed trip to the food store. i woke up yet again at 4am, fell back asleep (eventually), and woke up again at 7:30something am (hey, work is supposed to start at 7:30! whoops...) while i was more "chipper" than usual on the way in to work, by lunchtime i was ready to lay back down for a nap. i got a ton of sleep, still woke up in the middle of it, and was still tired during the day. :-/ whatever it is, i hope i can get back to 'normal' soon.

pm run: (hey maybe i need to get back to running in the am to fix this sleep issue, just thought of that...)
pm run: 6 miles, 47:25 (7:54 avg pace), avg/max hr (167/209)

Monday, November 17, 2008

slow and steady not going to win me any races.

luckily today was my short and slow day, so it didn't matter. i was definitely slow tonight but i was purposely trying to hold a lower-than-normal heartrate for an easy day, and i successfully did that at least. normally i aim for around a 150 hr, but with my recent inability to sleep through the night and overall feeling of exhaustion i didn't think it'd hurt to take it extra-easy.

for the past few nights i've been waking up in the middle of the night and staying up for a bit before finally falling back asleep. true to form, this happened again last night. i've even been going to bed at a fairly decent hour (with the exception of saturday night) and getting around 8 hours (or more) of sleep per night. so basically, i don't know what is going on.

i read a couple articles about overtraining here and here that mention symptoms such as fatigue, sleeping problems, hormone imbalance, or onset of allergies/asthma. fatigue, eh i don't know if i'd claim that one. yeah i've been tired lately but i wouldn't say it's anything more so than normal. sleeping issues, no doubt about that one; hormone imbalance, well if you ask j he'd probably say i've been more moody but that's not a very fair assessment now is it. allergies/asthma, those aren't much different than i'd expect them to be for this time of year either.

on one hand i don't really think i've been training all that intensely, but i also realize just because i am not training at the same level as paula radcliffe doesn't necessarily have to mean i'm not overworking my body. anyway, i'm just hoping this is only a few days of feeling 'off'. i still have about 8 weeks until the goofy challenge and some "time off" (...weeks of slow, easy, relaxed running for hopefully around 30mpw).

pm run: 5.3 miles, 52:09 (9:50 avg pace), avg/max hr (137/156)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

goofy training week 10

recap of training week 10 (11/10-11/16):
[day - mileage, time, avg hr]
mon - 5.2 easy, 47:55, 139
tue - 7.25 tempo, 56:47, 172
wed - 8.15 easy, 1:12:03, 150
thu - off
fri - 7.25 (8x800), 57:17, 174
sat - 9 easy, 1:19:27, 170
sun - 13 easy, 2:00:06, 154

mileage total - 49.85

i even did 1 day of abs (300 crunches/45 back extensions) this week and am planning/aiming to get back on track with the ol' ab work 3x/week starting next week. running went well all week although i mentally psyched myself out for thursday's run and ended up doing it friday instead. the weekend long runs didn't go as well as i would've liked but i got the mileage in and am content with the paces. next week should be pretty easy with lower mileage and hopefully i won't get all worked up about the upcoming marathon in the extra free time i'll have.

leaves - 1, me - 0

i raked leaves yesterday afternoon for maybe 1.5 hours, and a few hours later i could tell i was already starting to get a little sore. i woke up this morning and my back was definitely sore. from raking leaves... how sad.

i'm sure it didn't help that i went out on the town last night and set myself up for dehydration, but come on i can run 20+ miles i'm not supposed to get sore from raking leaves. (i know, i know, raking uses muscles that aren't normally used...) still seems like a lame excuse.

after a long and exciting day of running, raking, cleaning the house, and going out with friends, i was exhausted when i finally flopped down in bed around 1am. as tired as i was, somehow i didn't sleep well once again. i woke up around 4:45 and was wide awake for a little while before drifting back to sleep, only to wake up around 7:15 again, for good. still tired but couldn't fall back asleep.

i sat around, slowly waking up, sipping on some pumpkin spice coffee and watching old lost episodes, and finally pulled myself together to head out for my run around 11am. the run itself went alright since i was just moving along at a nice and easy pace. my legs were a little tired and made sure to tell me how much they hated each hill i climbed. then of course my back didn't want me to forget about all the raking it did yesterday and decided to ache for the last 5-6 miles, especially on the uphills, and is absolutely sore now. i barely raked 1/4 of the backyard yesterday and wanted to tackle it some more today but that is definitely not happening. (plus i was raking so intensely yesterday i broke my rake.)

i don't really understand how i can run 20 miles and not be sore the next day, but a little raking can have me laying up in bed all day. ah well, an easy excuse to be lazy this afternoon :)

am run: 13 miles, 2:00:06 (9:14 avg pace), avg/max hr (154/173)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

knowing when to listen to your body

the plan for today was a 9mile run at goal marathon pace. i headed out the door late this morning, and as soon as i hit the first hill i knew i was tired from yesterday's speedwork. i hunkered down, allowing the first mile to be a little over goal pace and figured after that i'd chug out the rest at pace. mile two was within pace but did not feel great, and when i struggled in mile three (and ran it over pace) i decided to cut my legs some slack. i didn't want to end up running goal-pace mile repeats with a break after each mile, and i also didn't want to make this an easy day. i pulled back and ran at a comfortable but decent pace.

i always try to keep in mind that each run, everyday has a purpose. it's why i keep my easy days slow, within my 65-75% target heartrate, without worring about time. the atlanta marathon is coming up in about a week and a half, and while it's not my 'main focus' race, i still want to do well at it. i took it easier today so that come thanksgiving morning i will have more energy for the race since i wouldn't have raced my training runs.

weather-wise, today was unseasonably warm at 65+ degrees. i ran in a tanktop, in mid november! the wind was a little ridiculous with gusts at 26mph but at least it wasn't always a headwind.

am run: 9 miles, 1:19:27 (8:49 avg pace), avg/max hr (170/187)

Friday, November 14, 2008

foggy bottom

so it was a beautiful day here today...

just kidding. it rained all day but thankfully stopped shortly before i got out of work and left me with no excuses. i got to the track a little before 5 and visibility was about 100m. at least the rain/fog kept the lane hogs away.

the ever accurate weather people were predicting thunderstorms around 6pm so i had to hurry. luckily those never rolled in, and i got my workout done quickly so i would've been safe either way.

today's workout... 8x800 at 3:20 pace, for a total of 7miles including warm up and cool down. when i do my 800s at the track i tend to slack off on the warm up and cool down, when i do them on the (relatively flat) 1/2 mile stretch of street near my house i am better about actually doing them. anyway, it went pretty well and i pushed myself through the repeats instead of cutting them short again.

1x800 - 3:14, 178
2x800 - 3:17, 184
3x800 - 3:08, 182
4x800 - 3:14, 184
5x800 - 3:15, 184
6x800 - 3:15, 184
7x800 - 3:17, 185
8x800 - 3:21, 184

i had to run in lane 2 because lane 1 had an enormous puddle in one of the turns. somehow my left shoe still soaked up a bunch of water during my warm up mile though, and the wet, heavy squishy-ness was all i could think about for the first 2 reps. in rep 3 i started thinking negatively and wanted to quit, but the last time i did 800s i cut them short and i really wanted to get back on track with them so i pressed on. after rep 4 i said to myself, halfway there, lets at least get 6. rep 5 i started actually feeling good - while doing speedwork, i know, what's wrong with me? with that one down i told myself only 3 more, i'm still feeling good, i will finish this workout. the last 3 reps went well, i felt strong throughout, and was glad to actually finish an 800 workout again.

all of my first laps were 1:36-1:37, and i even felt smooth and even-paced throughout the reps. finally, i've found some consistency. my recovery periods (jogging a 400) ranged from 2:15 to 2:34 with heartrates from 161-174. i was a little disappointed in my last rep for being 'over goal pace' but the rest of them were better than pace so i can't complain.

pm run: 7.25 miles (1mi warm, 8x800 w/ 400 jogs, 0.5 cool), 57:17 (7:54 avg pace), avg/max hr (174/200)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

a few abs

i felt guilty for sabotaging my own run today and taking the day off so i actually did some abs. my core has definitely been feeling weak lately in my runs and i haven't done any sort of core work in over a month, so it was tough to crank out 300 various crunches and 45 back extensions. but, i made it.

i know i really need to get back in a routine with core work... i've said this before of course, and it lasted about a week and a half. bringing back my goals from october, i'm going to try to make them a little more realistic for the remainder of 2008, aiming for ab work 3x/week.

goal #1: 300 crunches (various types) 1x/week
goal #2: 5x1min planks 1x/week
goal #3: stability ball work 1x/week
  • squats (2x15)
  • pushups (2x15)
  • lunges (2x15)
  • sit-ups (2x15)
  • back extension (2x15)
  • oblique twists (2x15)
today i (randomly) discovered a new running resource - runn3r. runn3r is "your place for the best and most up-to-date running news, reviews, photos, and videos." they have a fairly long blogroll (like mine!) and pull posts from it to display to their readers. there is also a very thorough list of topics including gear, nutrition, injuries, events and general running terms. it provides a great sampling of a number of blogs and can help promote traffic to your blog. it is easy to search, informative, and gives exposure to a number of sources and runners. i'm not sure how i was added but i am certainly ok with it and the many benefits of being on there. so go check it out and link your blog!


winners are the people who when the odds are stacked against them, and those around them have fallen, will have the courage to look within themselves and make the unbelievable believable, and the impossible possible.


(no) sleep

didn't sleep well (or much at all) last night so i didn't get up to run this morning. call me a wimp but i'm trading my off day and gonna take today off altogether. the plan is to do my 800's tomorrow instead, since i'll be able to go to the track and do them while there's still some daylight. sounds like a good enough excuse to me anyway...

i'm more than exhausted and now i gotta endure a 10 hour work day on this no sleep. that's almost as hard as running on no sleep ;-)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

my fellow runners

i admit, i follow hundreds of random runners from all parts of the planet via google reader. while i would love to keep a complete list directly on the main page, i'm not so sure your internet provider would love trying to load my page for you (nor do i think you'd want to wait that long).

below is a complete list of the running-related blogs i follow (in alphabetical order). here you will find runners of all ages and abilities, from right in your neighborhood to hundreds of miles away. runners you can connect with through training stories, race reports, and life's great experiences whether running or not. these blogs have motivated, inspired, educated and entertained me, and i hope you too will enjoy 'getting to know' these fellow runners.

[i try to monitor this list adding new blogs as i discover them and deleting those that are no longer in service. please feel free to share additional links or let me know if any of these links are broken]

my virtual running partners:

other good runner reads:

cereal diet

can i get one run in without having to take an emergency pit stop to drop it like it's hot? seems like lately it either hits me mid-run or right when i still have a quarter-mile to go before i am back at my front door. what great timing you have dear digestive system of mine.

so if you've assumed that i had to stop in the "wooded" area again today, well you'd be right. but other than that the run was alright, faster than my other recent 'easy' days. this is probably a direct result of all the cereal i snacked on throughout the afternoon at work...

once again this morning i awoke before 5am with almost full consciousness and once again decided to not get up and run. i'm getting pretty good at this. tomorrow i must go in the morning because i have to make an attempt at the elusive 800's that i haven't ran too well (or at all) in quite a few weeks, and those will be impossible to do after work whether on the streets (extra traffic) or at the track (sun goes down before i get out of work).

mile 1 - 8:57, 136
mile 2 - 9:16, 148
mile 3 - 8:10, 150
mile 4 - 8:39, 150
mile 5 - 8:55, 152
mile 6 - 8:42, 155
mile 7 - 9:34, 153
mile 8 - 8:39, 154
mile 8.15 - 1:07, 155

another easy 8 miles at a decent pace for an easy day. i'm not really looking forward to tomorrow's 800's but on the other hand i want to push myself through them all for the physical and mental workout. plus it's one of the last hard, speed days i have before atlanta.

i really need to go eat something good and healthy but i'm just not in the mood to make anything and cereal is so easy to just pour...

pm run: 8.15 miles, 1:12:03 (8:50 avg pace), avg/max hr (150/168)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

on a roll

that 20 mile run must've been good luck or something. yesterday's recovery run was nice and comfortable, and today's tempo run was smooth, fast and painless. i am certainly not complaining.

i woke up to my beloved alarm at 5am today, and although i was fairly awake i just did not want to get out of bed. i've been a little wimpy lately at confronting the sub-40 degree weather in the early morning and i didn't want to (wo)man up today either. while running the latter part of my run as the sun rises in the morning is nice, running in the 50s/60s after work has it's benefits as well. so once again, i 'slept in' for an hour and ran after work.

mile 1 - 8:30, 157
mile 2 - 7:29, 164
mile 3 - 7:42, 174
mile 4 - 8:04, 176
mile 5 - 7:52, 175
mile 6 - 7:43, 178
mile 7 - 7:42, 178
mile 7.25 - 1:42, 182

now that i look at it my previous tempo mile paces have been a bit faster, but i'm still pretty content with this run. it just plain felt good. the cool, crisp air is having a bit of an effect on my lungs/asthma but it hasn't been bad enough to use my inhalers again.

pm run: 7.25 miles, 56:47 (7:49 avg pace), avg/max hr (172/187)

Monday, November 10, 2008

cruise control

much to my surprise i woke up this morning with hardly any aches, pains and soreness from yesterday's 20 mile run. my left "inner thigh" muscle is a little achey, but i really think that was more from squatting to scoop up leaves when i raked a little on friday. i had a little stiffness throughout the day at work when i stood up after sitting down for awhile but it wasn't bad at all.

i headed out after work for my easy 5 mile run, which also surprised me by being my easiest monday/recovery run yet. it never felt hard and my legs weren't screaming at me. it certainly wasn't fast but that definitely wasn't the goal either.

mile 1 - 9:08, 129
mile 2 - 9:45, 137
mile 3 - 9:19, 139
mile 4 - 9:34, 144
mile 5 - 8:40, 145
mile 5.2 - 1:26, 141

i thought i planned ahead by hitting up the bathroom before leaving work but apparently that wasn't good enough and i drank too much water this afternoon... i had to stop mid-run in my regular 'wooded' area. this was quite the feat today as it was pitch black dark by the time i got there (about 3.5 miles into the run) and of course the ground was covered with leaves so i couldn't even pretend to look for even-footing.

pm run: 5.2 miles, 47:55 (9:12 avg pace), avg/max hr (139/177)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

goofy training week 9

recap of training week 9 (11/03-11/09):
[day - mileage, time, avg hr]
mon - 5 easy, 49:00, 144
tue - 8 (4x1mile), 1:07:40, 163
wed - 7 easy, 1:07:05, 148
thu - 8 (5 tempo), 1:08:51, 163
fri - off
sat - 10 pace, 1:21:15, 173
sun - 20 (last 5 @ pace), 3:06:32, 153

mileage total - 58.00 *another record, hopefully broken soon

monday was hard, still tired from sunday's 18. tuesday was still kinda hard too, the mile repeats were slower than i would've liked but i was content with having pushed the pace. wednesday was ok and thursday i finally felt 'over' the previous week's long run, just in time for my day off and more long runs! lovely. saturday went well at goal pace and sunday feels good to have survived. it feels good to be on track with my training plan, and hopefully my future race times will reflect it. patience is sometimes hard to come by - i just want to be fast already, but hopefully i will continue to stick with my training and see the success my consistency and hardwork will bring.

first 20 miler

i can't believe i've actually stuck with my training for so long (14 weeks and counting). in the past i come up with these great training plans that will help me succeed at my race goals and then i slack off, cutting midweek runs short and skipping long runs altogether, and succeed marvelously at not reaching my goals. so today's accomplishment feels pretty darn good.

i had 3 goals for today's scheduled 20 miler:
  1. actually get out and attempt it
  2. survive all 20 miles
  3. run the last 5 miles at goal pace
goal #1 was harder than it sounds. even though i (loserifically) fell asleep at like 8pm last night, i still hit the snooze button for an hour this morning. i was a little worried about the later-than-planned start but then saw it was only 38 degrees out and was kinda glad i didn't start any earlier. i managed to pull myself out of my warm, comfy bed around 7am and head out the door - goal accomplished. (i know, what a challenge)

goal #2 seemed like a big deal because i was afraid i wouldn't make it. last week's 18 stunk and i did not feel well while running it at all; it was quite the struggle. somehow i forgot i've actually ran 26.2 miles before, although not in over a year, and i shouldn't have psyched myself out all week worrying about the distance. for the first few miles, i had to fight off the "i just want to quit and go home" thoughts, but luckily i was also running the first 7 miles with j so the accountability was there. after 7 miles he went to change and hop on his bike to pedal along with me (even though last week he said it was extremely boring) and we continued on our way. long story short, i made it - goal accomplished.

goal #3 was chosen mid-run. i started out slow, holding back big time because i was so worried about surviving and wanted to make sure i had enough energy saved for later. once j hopped on his bike i knew he'd be too bored if i continued to go too slow so the goal for miles 8-15 were to hold around a 9:00-9:30 pace and then goal pace for the last 5 miles. i still didn't want to go fast in the middle so i could test my legs to run fast when they were already tired after 15 miles. the goal paced miles went well overall, but as far as running each mile at/near pace... that part i sucked at. i think i was just ready to be done. i did get in some faster, decent-paced miles though and on tired legs, so i consider this goal accomplished.

mile 1 - 10:09, 151
mile 2 - 10:18, 140
mile 3 - 9:44, 144
mile 4 - 10:07, 138
mile 5 - 10:10, 141
mile 6 - 9:37, 148
mile 7 - 9:30, 150
mile 8 - 9:28, 144
mile 9 - 9:57, 146
mile 10 - 9:25, 155
mile 11 - 8:51, 149
mile 12 - 9:55, 158
mile 13 - 9:03, 154
mile 14 - 9:24, 160
mile 15 - 9:13, 157
mile 16 - 8:52, 162
mile 17 - 8:40, 169
mile 18 - 7:56, 166
mile 19 - 8:09, 172
mile 20 - 7:44, 178

it's nice to see the pace pick up for the last 5 miles. i've read on mcmillan's website that a 'fast finish' long run trains the body to work more efficiently at marathon pace and trains the mind to overcome the fatigue you will feel at the end of the race. so, i decided to try to go for it today. i probably could/should have ran the first 15 miles at a better pace (8:45-9:15 maybe?) to get more realistic results, so i'll have to work on that in my next 20 miler.

training is going to get a little easier for the next 2 weeks as i start cutting back for the atlanta marathon. i'm not trimming out too much since i am ultimately training for the goofy challenge, but i will taper a little (to a 40 mile week) and try to run at/near pace in atlanta.

am run: 20 miles, 3:06:32 (9:19 avg pace), avg/max hr (153/195)

Saturday, November 8, 2008

that's more like it

i woke up earlier than normal for a saturday to get my run in before heading down to columbia for the state xc meet. it was quite the accomplishment to a) get up early, b) actually run all 10 miles on schedule at marathon goal pace, and c) do all of that alone 'cause j didn't get up to bike with me. (although, i told him not to since i'd be starting my run before the sun came up). feels good to have the run done and not hanging over me still, especially since it is pretty darn warm out for november 8 (not that i am complaining, i hate the cold).

the state meet was of course very exciting. leave it to me to read the wrong time and miss the girls' race!! whoops. i was able to watch the boys 4a race though, and dorman pulled out a win over fort mill to take the championship title again. the girls did well too, placing 6th in the state and katie made all-state placing 5th overall!

so back to my run this morning... i headed out with the goal of running an 8:00-8:23 pace. ultimately i'm aiming for an 8:00 marathon pace, but if i can hold an 8:23 or better i'll earn a ticket to boston. i had a couple miles over 8:23 but i also had a couple miles under 8:00 so it evened out to an 8:07 avg pace - goal accomplished for today.

mile 1 - 8:29, 150
mile 2 - 8:08, 173
mile 3 - 7:31, 169
mile 4 - 8:19, 174
mile 5 - 8:03, 177
mile 6 - 8:13, 174
mile 7 - 8:21, 179
mile 8 - 8:35, 176
mile 9 - 7:33, 179
mile 10 - 7:59, 181

i realized when i finished the run that i wasn't that tired. there were times during the run where i was 'feeling it', but i finished feeling pretty refreshed. part of that has to be the confidence boost in running a good, somewhat long, goal paced run. i noticed during the run (particularly on the uphills) that my core sucks. i am already quite aware of this, but i definitely felt it more when i had no support or strength from my core when i tried to maintain my pace up hill. i am reallllly going to try hard at getting in some abs/core work at least 3x/week. more would be great, but i know i am often too lazy to get down on the floor and just do some freakin' abs.

am run: 10 miles, 1:21:15 (8:07 avg pace), avg/max hr (173/187)

Friday, November 7, 2008

Thursday, November 6, 2008

still struggling

...but feeling 2% better about it.

opted to once again not do a hill workout this morning and stayed with the planned tempo. i know i should really throw in some hill workouts but i've been mentally wussing out. next week, perhaps? if i can recover from the 20miler on sunday anyway.

i decided to do a 2 mile warm up, 4 mile tempo run, and 2 mile cool down to get in my 8 miles for the day. in the midst of the tempo miles i decided to do 5 instead, why not. my times weren't as good as they have been in the past and it was probably more of a marathon-pace run than a tempo run, but at least i pushed the pace a little.

mile 1 - 10:13, 137 *trust me i was disappointed too but whatever, warm up
mile 2 - 9:28, 149
mile 3 - 7:59, 166 *7:59.2
mile 4 - 7:59, 166 *7:59.3, since when am i consistent?
mile 5 - 8:23, 171 *andd back to crap
mile 6 - 7:44, 178
mile 7 - 8:26, 177
mile 8 - 8:38, 167 *might as well count this as another 'tempo' mile, but i'm not

i realized yesterday/this morning while running that i was probably aiming for too fast of paces in my previous 'tempo' runs. most things i've read about tempo workouts say to run them at around 10-20 seconds slower than 10k pace, which for me would be about a 7:36-7:46 mile. today i was aiming for 7:40-7:45 but as you can see i didn't do too great a job at hitting that at all.

i won't lie - i'm looking forward to resting my legs tomorrow, mostly so that they will hopefully be completely over whatever has gotten into them and quit making me feel 'off' (and to be ready to go for saturday/sunday's 10/20 mile runs).

am run: 8 miles, 1:08:51 (8:36 avg pace), avg/max hr (163/185)

dear right arm

to my right arm/shoulder/left half of my heart/whatever,

whatever body part or nerve or vein you are, please fix yourself. it is not very comfortable nor comforting to run with a numb right hand, and i know it's not because of the temperature because it was in the 50s today and i, the left hand, was not going numb. i also can't seem to think of why it would be good to go numb so please get your act together - i don't want to have to learn how to write.

left hand

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

still recovering

i'm feeling rather disappointed lately with these easy "recovery" runs. after taking all of last week easy except for sunday's long run, i expect myself to not be sucking so bad. alas, i am still running quite slowly. at this point i think it's lame to still blame it on my legs still recovering from sunday, but i suppose it could be a valid point. i definitely can't blame it on my lungs anymore because i haven't used my inhaler since i've been back and i certainly haven't had to strain to breathe. whatever it is, it needs to move along so i can resume my satisfactory running.

last night i took one of my "night time" anti-histamines which are great at knocking me out. sometimes i really love them. the problem is waking up the next morning... i only take them when i really need to because it is so hard to wake up the next day and function before noon. so i definitely didn't run this morning (didn't even hear the alarm) and i was a zombie for most of the day at work. (does that really matter anyway?) needless to say, i ran after work, in the ... you guessed it, dark.

mile 1 - 9:26, 137
mile 2 - 9:12, 145
mile 3 - 9:12, 152
mile 4 - 10:40, 150 *??? seriously?!?
mile 5 - 8:53, 145
mile 6 - 9:21, 150
mile 7 - 10:00, 156 *ugggggh what is wrong with me

i need to punish myself for being so craptacular and not eat dinner tonight or something. i mean if i am going to run sucky i sure don't deserve to eat. i just never see 10min miles. ever. ok except for when i ran with my cousins but a) i was having severe asthma and b) i was running with them and not trying to speed away. anyway the fact remains there is no excuse for miles 4 and 7 today, just no excuse.

i'm considering doing hill repeats tomorrow instead of a tempo run. i've been thinking about putting in a/some hill workout(s) for awhile but i usually talk myself out of it. just gonna see what i feel like in the morning.

pm run: 7 miles, 1:07:05 (9:35 avg pace), avg/max hr (148/172)

do you deserve credit?

the credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs and comes short again and again; who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions, and spends himself in a worthy cause; who, at best, knows the triumph of high achievement; and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat.

-theodore roosevelt

[i thought i'd dedicate my *100th post* to another morsel of motivation]

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


i use that term quite loosely today.

my legs are still tired from sunday's 18 and did not want to move. after only a few hours of sleep i got up early to log my miles and then vote. (i don't want to die)

in the past i've done my mile repeats at the track, aiming for a 6:55 pace (successfully i guess as that is about the average of all the repeats i've done, some faster, some slower). today i ran them in a nearby neighborhood that has a 1-mile figure-8 loop running through it, with hills of course. the inclines definitely slowed me down and my legs being sore/tired slowed me down, but factoring that in i'm not too terribly disappointed about today. i could feel myself running hard and i could feel the fatigue in my legs. i decided to cut the repeats short (4 instead of 6) and try to give my legs a little more time to take it easy.

warmup (1mi) - 9:56, 142
1xmile - 7:49, 168
2xmile - 7:28, 171
3xmile - 7:28, 175
4xmile - 7:20, 178

rest of the run (3mi)
mile 6 - 8:59, 171
mile 7 - 9:02, 171
mile 8 - 8:35, 170

the last 3 miles seemed so hard for my legs and i thought i was going way slow (glad to see i wasn't). i'm hoping my legs will continue to loosen up and repair themselves in time for the big 20 on sunday (starting to get psyched out already).

am run: 8 miles, 1:07:40 (8:27 avg pace), avg/max hr (163/193)

Monday, November 3, 2008

running in the dark - just can't avoid it

blah blah blah daylight savings is so great. sure it gives me an extra hour of sleep technically, but now it also ensures that i run in the dark whether it's before or after work. boo winter.

i got in my 5 recovery/shake out run today after work, the sun set in the first mile leaving me for 4 dark miles. i am definitely feeling yesterday's 18-miler. i guess it's not as bad as it could be because i really don't feel that bad, but i am a little sore in some random places and i could feel the lactate in my leg muscles as i ran. my legs were slightly stiff this morning when i woke up but they loosened up as i was getting ready for work. my neck muscles have been sore all day, probably from bad running form yesterday? i noticed it mostly when i went to try to scratch an itch and even the light contact hurt. weird.

mile 1 - 9:26, 133
mile 2 - 10:07, 144
mile 3 - 9:44, 144
mile 4 - 10:04, 148
mile 5 - 9:32, 150

yeah my splits are slow and of course i wish they could've been more around the 9:00 range for a recovery run, but i was trying to focus more on keeping my hr in the 140s (150s on hills). i know my easy days should focus more on maintaining my 65-75% hr zone and not worrying about time. plus i figure yesterday's long run is still influencing my muscles and heart. so, basically, i'm obviously not proud of my times but i am glad i held back, took it easy, and hopefully helped my legs and body recover. tomorrow lies mile repeats and thursday a tempo run.

pm run: 5 miles, 49:00 (9:48 avg pace), avg/max hr (144/163)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

goofy training week 8

recap of training week 8 (10/27-11/02):
[day - mileage, time, avg hr]
mon - 5.4 easy, 55:45, 136
tue - 7 easy, 1:01:59, 161
wed - unscheduled off, bad asthma
thu - 8 easy, 1:09:56, 167
fri - off, traveling + letting the lungs rest
sat - 4.55 easy, 40:28, 169 (+2.9 walk, 49:23)
sun - 18 easy, 2:45:58, 164

mileage total - 45.85

sunday i arrived at my aunt's house in ct and they have a pet bunny to whom i am apparently very allergic. my asthma flared up bad - the worst it ever has - and it made for an interesting week of 'running'. luckily i was due for a cutback/easy week so i thought i'd be ok if changed the game plan, and i ran all my runs 'easy' this week instead of the usual tempo & 800 runs.

roadkill run

there was a ton of lovely smushed and mutilated roadkill today along the entire 18 miles of my run. luckily most of it didn't smell and i was (for the most part) able to look away and avoid puking. j and i ran the first 6 miles together before stopping back at the house to pick up his bike so he could bike the remaining 12 with me. it was nice to have ran with him not only for his company but also because when we started back out again i could at least tell myself i was at almost 8 miles instead of 2. it got pretty warm out (70s again) and just barely made my water and propel last - i was thirsty.

the run went ok for the most part although i could really feel myself getting tired about 13-14 miles in. i didn't really know why since i didn't run long yesterday and i've ran 16 miles multiple times before and felt fine. it was very tiring and i was glad to be able to sit down once i hit 18. at 17 miles i knew i was more than 1 mile from home so i sent j back to get a car and finished the last mile alone. i knew i did not have the energy to add on an extra mile (initially i thought i'd try to go for it). my lungs held up ok although i think my hr is still off, but maybe the (not so) lovely hills had an effect on that. i also rolled my right ankle shortly after mile 10 but walked it off and hopefully it won't bruise or hurt tomorrow.

mile 1 - 8:59, 117 *hr said 87 for most of this mile so, inaccurate
mile 2 - 9:04, 157
mile 3 - 9:33, 168 *hilly
mile 4 - 9:12, 158
mile 5 - 9:29, 164
mile 6 - 9:28, 166
mile 7 - 9:19, 153
mile 8 - 9:08, 164
mile 9 - 9:02, 165
mile 10 - 9:06, 174
mile 11 - 9:24, 172 *rolled ankle, hilly
mile 12 - 8:43, 171 *big, awesome downhill
mile 13 - 9:24, 163
mile 14 - 9:34, 173 *anddd back up a steep hill
mile 15 - 9:05, 172
mile 16 - 8:45, 172 *got caught in "almost there" mindset, what a lie, plus i think there was a downhill
mile 17 - 9:24, 174 *popular split of the day
mile 18 - 9:10, 175 *felt slower than that but whatever, i made it

time-wise the run wasn't too bad averaging about a 9:13 pace. i didn't set any speedy goals for today and just aimed on finishing all 18 miles while keeping it around a 9-9:30 pace. it's a little disappointing to know how tired i was feeling even with having held the pace so slow. i am officially signed up for the atlanta thanksgiving marathon and would like to run an 8min/mile pace there, but i guess i'll have to realistically adjust that as necessary as race day nears.

am run: 18 miles, 2:45:58 (9:13 avg pace), avg max hr (164/185)