Saturday, November 29, 2008

atlanta marathon recovery

after thursday's race and tons of eating, i woke up friday morning with some pretty stiff legs. i wasn't in pain, my legs were just sore and stiff.

the fam, jess, j and i went hiking at table rock friday. nothing like hauling yourself up a 1,000ft ascent (we only made it halfway) the day after a marathon. going up was tough, but going down was harder. my quads and shins were not a fan of the trip down.

j & me halfway up the mountain

today (saturday) i woke up with stiff and sore legs again, and laid around in bed all morning. j went to the gym and then came over to make me breakfast in bed. he left to go work on his house and i eventually got up to go for my "run". i was sore but started to loosen up slightly as i moved around the house getting dressed to run. i knew it'd be slow and i just wanted to churn my legs a little bit, hopefully to help them recover quickly. brilliant me is clearly planning on feeling fresh again soon as i have a 15-mile long run scheduled for next weekend. hah. right.

today's run was slow and i could feel the soreness in my legs, especially my quads on the downhills. i kept it slow, kept a low hr, and felt pretty comfortable the whole time. it felt weird to get into a running stride though, as it usually does after a long race, but it was nice to be able to run without any aches or pains - especially 2 days after a marathon. i got back to the house and stopped my nike+ and hr monitor. as soon as my hrm beeped from being stopped i realized what i had done. a big ol' crapola. i forgot to record my splits from the marathon thursday and now they are gone, overwritten by my slow, recovery 3.8 mile run. i have become a running-data nerd and i am so mad at myself! i need to get off the computer and stretch out a little, and i'll probably/hopefully be soaking in the hot tub later this afternoon. i am also looking to 'reward' myself for my pr/bq with a massage sometime this week.

friday am hike: 3.6 miles, 3 hours or so
saturday pm run: 3.8 miles, 47:16 (12:26 avg pace), avg/max hr (129/152)


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