Monday, November 24, 2008

big, cold raindrops

i'm in my offical 3-day taper for the atlanta marathon, woo hoo. while i miss running "real" miles, it's kind of nice to have some very short and very easy days. until thursday of course.

today's big mileage = 3 easy. i didn't get up this morning to run and i didn't run at lunch, and of course, it starts raining around 1:00pm. go figure. when i left work at 5:30 it wasn't really raining at all, but of course 15 minutes later when i hop out of the car to start running, it's raining... and raining pretty good... and it's 45 degrees which is a little chilly when combined with pouring rain. i managed to get in all 3 miles and thankfully never got too chilled, as i was also unprepared in the clothing department. let's hope my brilliant running-in-the-cold-rain doesn't translate into a cold this week.

pm run: 3 miles, 26:50 (8:57 avg pace), avg/max hr (145/161)


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