Tuesday, November 18, 2008

breaking down and breaking out

the under armor!

i watched the temperature all day at work. it rose slightly around noon and then went right on back down soon thereafter. i don't think it ever broke 40... oh goody. i know last year my tight-donning threshold was 40 degrees and i just did not want to admit it was time to pull them out again. at a balmy 37 degrees i knew it was time. i am really not a fan of the cold, so i broke out the tights, a fitted/compression long-sleeved shirt, and a beanie cap. (dear under armor, i wear you from head to toe (ankle), if you'd like to send some free goodies i would be ok with that.)

tonight's run was a 6-mile tempo run. i thought it went well considering the much cooler-than-i'm-used-to temps and the fact that chilly temperatures are more successful at aggravating my asthma.

mile 1 - 8:13, 158
mile 2 - 8:08, 159
mile 3 - 7:44, 170
mile 4 - 7:45, 172
mile 5 - 7:46, 171
mile 6 - 7:47, 175

my tempo heartrate should be higher (174-184) but i felt like i was pushing myself so i'm not worrying about it too much. according to my hrm, my max hr today was 209. i don't know that i will adjust my training ranges (currently set based on a max hr of 201, the max reading from the bmw 2-mile race back in september) because i don't know if today was a fluke or what.

in the sleeping department, i went to bed around 8:30pm last night as j went on a much needed trip to the food store. i woke up yet again at 4am, fell back asleep (eventually), and woke up again at 7:30something am (hey, work is supposed to start at 7:30! whoops...) while i was more "chipper" than usual on the way in to work, by lunchtime i was ready to lay back down for a nap. i got a ton of sleep, still woke up in the middle of it, and was still tired during the day. :-/ whatever it is, i hope i can get back to 'normal' soon.

pm run: (hey maybe i need to get back to running in the am to fix this sleep issue, just thought of that...)
pm run: 6 miles, 47:25 (7:54 avg pace), avg/max hr (167/209)

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