Wednesday, November 26, 2008

challenging my limits

racing is pain, and that's why you do it, to challenge the limits of your physical and mental barriers. you don't experience that in an armchair watching television.

- mark allen

i got a bad foot cramp in my right foot in the middle of the night last night, so when my alarm went off at 6am for my grueling 2 mile run i ignored it. well that and the fact that my bed was nice and warm, and the temp outside was a brisk 28 or so. i'm not sure if i'll do the run once i get to atlanta or if i'll just chill out and get ready for the morning. i am, of course, leaning heavily towards skipping it.

i went by one of the local running stores (run in) during lunch to get some gu for the race and left with a new pair of saucony grid a2's as well. they were on sale ($30 off) and my current pair already has about 300 miles on them so i couldn't resist.

today has been a busy but easy day at work, and i am enjoying a slightly higher calorie count day than normal. the night before i ran the south bend, in marathon (my current pr) i ate a chicken sandwich from mcdonald's. so i won't be eating pasta for dinner tonight either. i'm thinking i can pr again off another happy meal, and why mess with a good thing. plus maybe ol' ronald will want me to be the next jared. :)


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