Thursday, November 13, 2008

a few abs

i felt guilty for sabotaging my own run today and taking the day off so i actually did some abs. my core has definitely been feeling weak lately in my runs and i haven't done any sort of core work in over a month, so it was tough to crank out 300 various crunches and 45 back extensions. but, i made it.

i know i really need to get back in a routine with core work... i've said this before of course, and it lasted about a week and a half. bringing back my goals from october, i'm going to try to make them a little more realistic for the remainder of 2008, aiming for ab work 3x/week.

goal #1: 300 crunches (various types) 1x/week
goal #2: 5x1min planks 1x/week
goal #3: stability ball work 1x/week
  • squats (2x15)
  • pushups (2x15)
  • lunges (2x15)
  • sit-ups (2x15)
  • back extension (2x15)
  • oblique twists (2x15)
today i (randomly) discovered a new running resource - runn3r. runn3r is "your place for the best and most up-to-date running news, reviews, photos, and videos." they have a fairly long blogroll (like mine!) and pull posts from it to display to their readers. there is also a very thorough list of topics including gear, nutrition, injuries, events and general running terms. it provides a great sampling of a number of blogs and can help promote traffic to your blog. it is easy to search, informative, and gives exposure to a number of sources and runners. i'm not sure how i was added but i am certainly ok with it and the many benefits of being on there. so go check it out and link your blog!


  1. Thanks for the website suggestion, I will have to check that out! I'd love to get more traffic to my blog, plus any advice is always appreciated.

  2. I am been so lazy with my weight training. Especially abs. But all around, I have been super lazy lately. I actually like your ab schedule and may have to try it out.

  3. i am terrible at getting down on my yoga mat and just doing some abs... i mean it takes such little effort and time, and i still neglect them week after week. i know i really need to step it up.

    in case you want the full "stability ball workout" here's the link to the article from runner's world.,7120,s6-238-275--12756-0,00.html

    i leave off the planks and dips for personal preferences - since i do plans (theoretically) on a different day and dips, well, just not a fan. (i know, i know, need to do those too). hopefully this time around i will better at sticking to my ab plan!