Sunday, November 9, 2008

first 20 miler

i can't believe i've actually stuck with my training for so long (14 weeks and counting). in the past i come up with these great training plans that will help me succeed at my race goals and then i slack off, cutting midweek runs short and skipping long runs altogether, and succeed marvelously at not reaching my goals. so today's accomplishment feels pretty darn good.

i had 3 goals for today's scheduled 20 miler:
  1. actually get out and attempt it
  2. survive all 20 miles
  3. run the last 5 miles at goal pace
goal #1 was harder than it sounds. even though i (loserifically) fell asleep at like 8pm last night, i still hit the snooze button for an hour this morning. i was a little worried about the later-than-planned start but then saw it was only 38 degrees out and was kinda glad i didn't start any earlier. i managed to pull myself out of my warm, comfy bed around 7am and head out the door - goal accomplished. (i know, what a challenge)

goal #2 seemed like a big deal because i was afraid i wouldn't make it. last week's 18 stunk and i did not feel well while running it at all; it was quite the struggle. somehow i forgot i've actually ran 26.2 miles before, although not in over a year, and i shouldn't have psyched myself out all week worrying about the distance. for the first few miles, i had to fight off the "i just want to quit and go home" thoughts, but luckily i was also running the first 7 miles with j so the accountability was there. after 7 miles he went to change and hop on his bike to pedal along with me (even though last week he said it was extremely boring) and we continued on our way. long story short, i made it - goal accomplished.

goal #3 was chosen mid-run. i started out slow, holding back big time because i was so worried about surviving and wanted to make sure i had enough energy saved for later. once j hopped on his bike i knew he'd be too bored if i continued to go too slow so the goal for miles 8-15 were to hold around a 9:00-9:30 pace and then goal pace for the last 5 miles. i still didn't want to go fast in the middle so i could test my legs to run fast when they were already tired after 15 miles. the goal paced miles went well overall, but as far as running each mile at/near pace... that part i sucked at. i think i was just ready to be done. i did get in some faster, decent-paced miles though and on tired legs, so i consider this goal accomplished.

mile 1 - 10:09, 151
mile 2 - 10:18, 140
mile 3 - 9:44, 144
mile 4 - 10:07, 138
mile 5 - 10:10, 141
mile 6 - 9:37, 148
mile 7 - 9:30, 150
mile 8 - 9:28, 144
mile 9 - 9:57, 146
mile 10 - 9:25, 155
mile 11 - 8:51, 149
mile 12 - 9:55, 158
mile 13 - 9:03, 154
mile 14 - 9:24, 160
mile 15 - 9:13, 157
mile 16 - 8:52, 162
mile 17 - 8:40, 169
mile 18 - 7:56, 166
mile 19 - 8:09, 172
mile 20 - 7:44, 178

it's nice to see the pace pick up for the last 5 miles. i've read on mcmillan's website that a 'fast finish' long run trains the body to work more efficiently at marathon pace and trains the mind to overcome the fatigue you will feel at the end of the race. so, i decided to try to go for it today. i probably could/should have ran the first 15 miles at a better pace (8:45-9:15 maybe?) to get more realistic results, so i'll have to work on that in my next 20 miler.

training is going to get a little easier for the next 2 weeks as i start cutting back for the atlanta marathon. i'm not trimming out too much since i am ultimately training for the goofy challenge, but i will taper a little (to a 40 mile week) and try to run at/near pace in atlanta.

am run: 20 miles, 3:06:32 (9:19 avg pace), avg/max hr (153/195)

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  1. WOW! That is fantastic! I am so jealous of your times!

    I am also training for the Goofy challenge in January, but given your times, it looks like I'll be eating your dust! LOL

    Keep up the amazing job!