Thursday, November 20, 2008

going the extra mile

once i got over an initial blah and blubbery feeling, i had a great little easy run tonight - felt like i could go forever. i changed my 7 mile run into an 8 mile run and wanted to do at least 9, but i'm only a week away from atlanta and i figured i should conserve a little energy.

we had our thanksgiving lunch today at work and while i didn't eat nearly as much as everyone else (2 heaping platefuls to my 1 normal-portioned plate), i was still stuffed alllll day. j and i both had 7 miles on our schedules and i was looking forward to running with some company (and i can't turn down more time with j). unfortunately his side-stitch was acting up and making him grouchy and i didn't get the impression he wanted to run with me in the first place. he got frustrated at himself and told me to just run alone, so i put my head down and went to do my run alone.

i was a little disappointed for the first two miles and it was hard to "get into" the run. i ended up changing my route which helped and eventually i found my groove. as with last night, it was an easy and fairly quick-paced run for trying to hold a 150hr. once again running helped me pound out some stress and put me in a better mood. it felt good and was very refreshing. i was also glad that it was a good run because i was feeling rather blob-like after that delicious but not-so-healthy lunch today. it's not very often that i do extra mileage and am still yearning for more.

pm run: 8 miles, 1:12:47 (9:05 avg pace), avg/max hr (145/168)


  1. Hey, good luck next week! Take it easy this week, that way your legs will be nice and rested for the race in Atlanta - are you doing the full?

  2. thank you! yes, the plan is to do the full. it's kind of extra motivation to go fast (goal pace) so i can get home in time for thanksgiving dinner! :)