Sunday, November 30, 2008

goofy training week 12

recap of training week 12 (11/24-11/30):
[day - mileage, time, avg hr]
mon - 3 easy, 26:50, 145
tue - 3.1 easy, 27:45, 163
wed - off (skipped the 2 easy)
thu - 26.2 race, 3:39:24, 169
fri - off (but went hiking)
sat - 3.8 easy, 47:16, 129
sun - off (yoga & abs, skipped the 5 easy)

mileage total - 36.10

it was a bad week mileage wise but i was intentionally pulling back for the atlanta marathon. i haven't taken 3 days off in a week since august. post-marathon, i was sore and stiff all day friday and saturday. sunday i could still feel a hint of soreness in my quads, and i figured it would be best to take the day off, plus it was cold and pouring rain. i hiked friday and 'ran' saturday, and would like to resume normal training monday. as much as i wanted to run sunday i knew i probably shouldn't. i'll cut myself a little slack and get some rest to finish out training for goofy. atlanta was supposed to just be "another long training run" and i'm glad i finished it injury free and am recovering quickly.


  1. 36 miles is amazing! Love your marathon pics! You have super sexy legs!

  2. Oooh girl, you earned some time off.

    Great race report and pics. Congrats again!