Saturday, November 1, 2008

home again, running junkier

back home again in the southland and although the weather got up into the 70s today my run still sucked fantastically. not sure if it's from just being 'off schedule' and/or my lungs still recovering and/or my mental psyche is broken. as usual, i'm not going to try to analyze it, but it sucks that my 'cutback' week has been so crappy. today's long run of 9 miles quickly became a junky 4.5 mile run and a 2.9 mile walk (i didn't even bother with splits because lets be real...sucky).

mile 1 - 8:39, 155
mile 2 - 8:35, 163
mile 3 - 9:17, 176
mile 4 - 8:57, 176
mile 4.55 - 4:58, 179

my lungs were mostly better although they did get wheezy on me in the 2nd/3rd miles. guess they just still need some time to clear up. my hr is also still ridiculous and i can't really speculate as to why but maybe i need some relaxing time and fresher lungs. this past week wasn't all that hard physically but maybe it had a bigger toll on me than i thought. or, maybe my lungs got/are way worse than i thought since i haven't ever had an asthma attack like the ones i had this week that i can recall.

anyway. hopefully i'll survive tomorrow's 18 miler and get back on track with my training.

pm run: 4.55 miles, 40:28 (8:53 avg pace), avg/max hr (169/185)
pm laziness: 2.9 mile walk with j, 49:23 (17:01 avg pace) man i'm slow.


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