Saturday, November 15, 2008

knowing when to listen to your body

the plan for today was a 9mile run at goal marathon pace. i headed out the door late this morning, and as soon as i hit the first hill i knew i was tired from yesterday's speedwork. i hunkered down, allowing the first mile to be a little over goal pace and figured after that i'd chug out the rest at pace. mile two was within pace but did not feel great, and when i struggled in mile three (and ran it over pace) i decided to cut my legs some slack. i didn't want to end up running goal-pace mile repeats with a break after each mile, and i also didn't want to make this an easy day. i pulled back and ran at a comfortable but decent pace.

i always try to keep in mind that each run, everyday has a purpose. it's why i keep my easy days slow, within my 65-75% target heartrate, without worring about time. the atlanta marathon is coming up in about a week and a half, and while it's not my 'main focus' race, i still want to do well at it. i took it easier today so that come thanksgiving morning i will have more energy for the race since i wouldn't have raced my training runs.

weather-wise, today was unseasonably warm at 65+ degrees. i ran in a tanktop, in mid november! the wind was a little ridiculous with gusts at 26mph but at least it wasn't always a headwind.

am run: 9 miles, 1:19:27 (8:49 avg pace), avg/max hr (170/187)


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