Sunday, November 16, 2008

leaves - 1, me - 0

i raked leaves yesterday afternoon for maybe 1.5 hours, and a few hours later i could tell i was already starting to get a little sore. i woke up this morning and my back was definitely sore. from raking leaves... how sad.

i'm sure it didn't help that i went out on the town last night and set myself up for dehydration, but come on i can run 20+ miles i'm not supposed to get sore from raking leaves. (i know, i know, raking uses muscles that aren't normally used...) still seems like a lame excuse.

after a long and exciting day of running, raking, cleaning the house, and going out with friends, i was exhausted when i finally flopped down in bed around 1am. as tired as i was, somehow i didn't sleep well once again. i woke up around 4:45 and was wide awake for a little while before drifting back to sleep, only to wake up around 7:15 again, for good. still tired but couldn't fall back asleep.

i sat around, slowly waking up, sipping on some pumpkin spice coffee and watching old lost episodes, and finally pulled myself together to head out for my run around 11am. the run itself went alright since i was just moving along at a nice and easy pace. my legs were a little tired and made sure to tell me how much they hated each hill i climbed. then of course my back didn't want me to forget about all the raking it did yesterday and decided to ache for the last 5-6 miles, especially on the uphills, and is absolutely sore now. i barely raked 1/4 of the backyard yesterday and wanted to tackle it some more today but that is definitely not happening. (plus i was raking so intensely yesterday i broke my rake.)

i don't really understand how i can run 20 miles and not be sore the next day, but a little raking can have me laying up in bed all day. ah well, an easy excuse to be lazy this afternoon :)

am run: 13 miles, 2:00:06 (9:14 avg pace), avg/max hr (154/173)


  1. Man, I hate leaves!

    I'm waiting for them all to fall before I rake them.

    It definitely counts as cross-training.

  2. oh and i certainly count it as such! all i need to do is throw in a couple squats to scoop up leaves and my whole body will be sore :(

    at least the leaves only fall once a year... next year i'll have to train late summer to get my back muscles ready for the leaves.