Sunday, November 23, 2008

leaves - 2, me - 0

after yesterday's run i tackled the fallen leaves again, and of course i am once again so sore the morning after. i know i really need to hit the gym and do some upper body exercises to balance out all my running and help make me a stronger runner... but i just haven't.

my back (mostly upper) was sore this morning when i woke up and made for a less-than-pleasant 8 mile run. lucky for me j had 8 miles on his schedule today too so i got to run with him for real this time. we ran a hilly but easy-paced 8 miles, and if he hadn't been there to push me along i might've stopped to walk a little. (i can be so lazy!)

i miss not having any long runs this week but i am looking forward to atlanta and hoping i will do well. i have to do well because thanksgiving dinner #1 is supposed to be around 1pm, which we will just barely make if i run a 30 minute marathon pr. so... forgive me if i'm not feeling too confident about miraculously running a pr by that much. while i haven't had a "full" training term for this race i've been very consistent for 16 weeks, with 8 of those weeks at 45+ miles. i've gotten in more long runs and longer-long runs than ever before (although i still think it could've been better), and i'm hoping that will result in at least some minutes shaved off of my current 3:56 marathon pr.

am run: 8 miles, 1:15:08 (9:23 avg pace), avg/max hr (151/187)


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