Tuesday, November 11, 2008

on a roll

that 20 mile run must've been good luck or something. yesterday's recovery run was nice and comfortable, and today's tempo run was smooth, fast and painless. i am certainly not complaining.

i woke up to my beloved alarm at 5am today, and although i was fairly awake i just did not want to get out of bed. i've been a little wimpy lately at confronting the sub-40 degree weather in the early morning and i didn't want to (wo)man up today either. while running the latter part of my run as the sun rises in the morning is nice, running in the 50s/60s after work has it's benefits as well. so once again, i 'slept in' for an hour and ran after work.

mile 1 - 8:30, 157
mile 2 - 7:29, 164
mile 3 - 7:42, 174
mile 4 - 8:04, 176
mile 5 - 7:52, 175
mile 6 - 7:43, 178
mile 7 - 7:42, 178
mile 7.25 - 1:42, 182

now that i look at it my previous tempo mile paces have been a bit faster, but i'm still pretty content with this run. it just plain felt good. the cool, crisp air is having a bit of an effect on my lungs/asthma but it hasn't been bad enough to use my inhalers again.

pm run: 7.25 miles, 56:47 (7:49 avg pace), avg/max hr (172/187)


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