Saturday, November 22, 2008


i woke up this morning with a bit of a headache that just wouldn't go away until i was about 6 miles into my 7 mile run. go figure.

my run today was alright, a little chilly (35 deg) which made it hard to breathe for awhile until my body warmed up, but i was pleased with my time and effort. my long runs this weekend are not really long at all since i am saving up for thursday and the atlanta marathon. i did 4 miles "at goal pace" but they were actually faster than goal pace, and then ran the last 3 miles comfortably.

mile 1 - 7:59, 146
mile 2 - 8:08, 186
mile 3 - 7:56, 179
mile 4 - 7:49, 179
miles 5-7 - 26:38, 176

i was treated to a traffic-free mile or so in the 2nd half of my run 'cause the road was blocked off with "emergency scene ahead" signs. well i'm pretty nosy and i figured since i'm just running i can easily move out of the way, so i uh, ignored the signs and kept going.

for a minute i started thinking about what it could be, and psyched myself out a little thinking maybe there was an escaped convict on the loose and i was going to get shot. yeah ok. so i'm not the most logical thinker... the road i was running on is lined with white fencing, horses, cows and gated neighborhoods. the nearest jail is like 20-30 miles away. i pushed that great little thought out of my mind and kept going, plus i didn't want to turn around and go back up the big hill i'd just come down.

after a few minutes i could finally see this "emergency scene". a power line pole had somehow snapped and landed in the middle of the road (still standing on it's now-shortened pole). i was a little disappointed that it wasn't too exciting, but at least no one was hurt and there were no convicts shooting at me. the power company had their trucks all over the road so i hopped the fence into the gated neighborhood and ran through that for a bit before getting back on my regular route.

am run: 7 miles, 59:09 (8:27 avg pace), avg/max hr (174/203)


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