Wednesday, November 5, 2008

still recovering

i'm feeling rather disappointed lately with these easy "recovery" runs. after taking all of last week easy except for sunday's long run, i expect myself to not be sucking so bad. alas, i am still running quite slowly. at this point i think it's lame to still blame it on my legs still recovering from sunday, but i suppose it could be a valid point. i definitely can't blame it on my lungs anymore because i haven't used my inhaler since i've been back and i certainly haven't had to strain to breathe. whatever it is, it needs to move along so i can resume my satisfactory running.

last night i took one of my "night time" anti-histamines which are great at knocking me out. sometimes i really love them. the problem is waking up the next morning... i only take them when i really need to because it is so hard to wake up the next day and function before noon. so i definitely didn't run this morning (didn't even hear the alarm) and i was a zombie for most of the day at work. (does that really matter anyway?) needless to say, i ran after work, in the ... you guessed it, dark.

mile 1 - 9:26, 137
mile 2 - 9:12, 145
mile 3 - 9:12, 152
mile 4 - 10:40, 150 *??? seriously?!?
mile 5 - 8:53, 145
mile 6 - 9:21, 150
mile 7 - 10:00, 156 *ugggggh what is wrong with me

i need to punish myself for being so craptacular and not eat dinner tonight or something. i mean if i am going to run sucky i sure don't deserve to eat. i just never see 10min miles. ever. ok except for when i ran with my cousins but a) i was having severe asthma and b) i was running with them and not trying to speed away. anyway the fact remains there is no excuse for miles 4 and 7 today, just no excuse.

i'm considering doing hill repeats tomorrow instead of a tempo run. i've been thinking about putting in a/some hill workout(s) for awhile but i usually talk myself out of it. just gonna see what i feel like in the morning.

pm run: 7 miles, 1:07:05 (9:35 avg pace), avg/max hr (148/172)


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