Saturday, December 6, 2008

airport run

for the past year and a half i've always thought about running to the airport but i kept chickening out. from my house to the airport it's about 10 miles round-trip, and last night i decided i was going to just do it already. this morning, i ran to gsp and back for my shorter-long-run of the week, and it was alright.

(photo taken from the gsp website)
huge, i know.

the first few miles were through my neighborhood and then onto a hilly 2-lane road with little shoulder. i ran past the white fences and horse/cow farms and then turned on a steeper hilly road with even less shoulder. this road with its lack of a shoulder and cars flying down the hills is mostly why i haven't ran to the airport before. but today i did.

once i got through the narrow part i ran past some industrial buildings which always weird me out when i'm running since they are deserted on the weekends. i crossed over a 6-lane highway and was officially on airport property. now the road was 2-lanes but with a grassy shoulder i could run in if needed, and it was quaintly tree-lined. i ran past the "rental car" area, the national weather service station, and the cargo freight "terminal". then, i was finally at the airport. to ensure i got in the full 10 miles i had to run past the airport and some of the parking lots for a bit before turning around. on the way back i ran up along the concourse/airport pick-up and drop-off loop and then headed back the same way i came.

the scenery was nothing new as i've obviously driven there before but it was a little motivating when i was on the way back and thought about how i finally actually ran to the airport. i have no one to "brag" to about my random destination runs but they are my favorite simply because i think it's cool to run to point or landmark instead of just a regular loop through neighborhoods and roads. sounds more exciting anyway.

am run: 10 miles, 1:32:46 (9:00 avg pace), avg/max hr (157/197)


  1. That sounds fun! That's something I like about running too, especially some of the races.. being able to run places that you wouldn't otherwise see, etc. There's a local race here that is actually on the tarmac, in the airport. I missed out on it last year, but will try to do it next summer :)

  2. actually, you do have someone to brag to, you have us!

    You know, I felt the same way when I was in Portland this past summer and ran through an industrialish-area, it freaked me out too.

    I can't believe you can be doing all this running again so soon after your marathon. You're amazing!

  3. Good for you! Industrial areas always freak me out a little too.