Tuesday, December 2, 2008

blinded by the ...tree

i woke up at 5am like my old, dedicated, morning-runner self and checked the weather report only to find "31 degrees, feels like 24". hmm, not quite ready for that, so i went back to bed. i know, i know, i'm a slacker.

i headed out for my run after work in a much "warmer" 42 degrees. today was an easy-paced 8 miler although i pushed my hr a tad and i probably should've taken it easier. around 2.5 miles i made a turn and headed downhill, and ran into a tree. those things jump out of nowhere. well really i got whacked directly in the eyeball with a branch but still, that made it a little tough to see for a bit. (no big deal, i can see ok now i figure i'm alright.)

as of tonight i am dog sitting for my mom and hopefully i'll be able to take the lil' pup out for a run. he's ran 7 miles with me before (with no regular conditioning) but apparently he's been limping a little since the hike last friday. sometimes after a run one of his hind legs bothers him and he's limped around then too, so i'll be thoughtful and not let him tag along for too many miles.

pm run: 8.04 miles, 1:13:25 (9:07 avg pace), avg/max hr (155/185)


  1. yikes! Glad you didn't hurt yourself with the branch but great job getting up so early, even if it was chilly!! awww poor puppy. :( Have fun!

  2. Nice job on the run. The cooler temps do take some time to get use to, especially on morning runs.

  3. Some mornings are just not meant to be.